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Paris, France

I’m getting ready to send out a newsletter from Paris. If you’re not a subscriber, sign up at - just scroll down the homepage. . .While you’re there, check out my last newsletter : Cook! Bake! Share! I just posted it. . . Tart from @desgateauxetdupain

Reposted from @nytmag Get the link to the story and recipe in my bio or bio @nytmag ・・・ "I remember baked apples made with brown sugar. I remember them made with Sweet and Low poured out of pink packets. There were apples made with no sugar when my mother put my father on whatever diet was in fashion" @doriegreenspan has a lot of recipes, but almost none of them come from her childhood. Greenspan's mother, a child of the Depression and a workingwoman of the ’50s, was grateful for a freezer and TV dinners that she’d serve as though she were offering up caviar. But she did make baked apples — Cortlands or Romes, with the hollows filled with raisins. Greenspan recommends them at their peak, served warm with something creamy on top. Photographed by @sarahanneward, get the at the link in our bio.

I was so happy to write about my mother, Helen Burg, for the @nytmag I wish I had done it sooner and that she could have read it. She would have laughed to see that I wrote about her cooking, since she would have been the first person to say she didn’t cook and, the rare times when she did cook, she wasn’t good at it. But she did make Baked Apples, and when I remembered that, I remembered so much more. The link to the story and recipe are in my profile. I hope you enjoy them - xoDorie . . . Photo by @sarahanneward . @nytimes @nytcooking

This is the Potato Tourte from my book and it was made my the fabulous @rainydaybites as part of the All month, the club will be cooking from my book. There’s still time to join and have some fun. Click over to @rainydaybites for all the delicious details. 🙏 Deborah and all the adventurous cooks in the club - xoDorie

Paris, France

One year ago today, two of the people I treasure most in the world got married. I love you @joshgreenspan and @linlingtao May every year you are together be filled with sweetness and boundless love 💕 . . .

I just posted last month’s newsletter - link in profile - with a few good end-of-summer recipes (this is Fresh-Off-The-Con Corn Chowder from ) and lots of good cookbook recommendations - take a look. . My next newsletter will go out tomorrow with news about Cook-the-Book Clubs (hello @rainydaybites and @chowhound ). To get on the list, subscribe on the home page of my website (link in profile) - scroll down to find the sign-up. See you tomorrow - xo Dorie

Westbrook, Connecticut

When I was in Sydney last year, friends introduced me to the watermelon cake from @blackstarpastry . It’s called the most Instagrammed cake in the world, and the original is gorgeous - it’s topped with strawberries, grapes (odd, I know, but perfect with the cake), pistachios and rose petals. The cake itself is composed of layers of almond dacquoise, rose-water whipped cream and fresh watermelon. @tejalxrao did a great version of it as a trifle for @nytmag and @nytcooking (take a look). And last night I made this. Not beautifully square, like the original, but nice as a round. Not perfectly even and proportioned, like the original, but close-ish. No grapes, no pistachios, no rose petals. But I had blueberries, so I added them. And a good time was had by all! .Recipe for Strawberry and Watermelon Cake can be found online at @gourmettraveller . . . Thank you @linlingtao @joshgreenspan @xbeverly_h and @stephanyh for bringing this luscious cake into my life. . . @thefeedfeed.baking @thefeedfeed @thebakefeed

@nytmag with @get_repost ・・・ Inspired by American cornbread, perfected in a French Bakery. Is the corn sablé the perfect cookie? @doriegreenspan and her son used to run a small cookie business, and the sablé (French for sandy, like American shortbread) was their golden bread and butter. Get the at the link in our bio. Photographed by @johnny_miller_ . . .


A million years later and it’s all still good and sweet and fun and funny and delicious too. Happy anniversary to us . . Photo by @joshgreenspan or @linlingtao / can’t remember who took which picture and it doesn’t matter

I’m so happy that I got to write about these perfect corn sablés for @NYT mag and @nytcooking The recipe is from @apollonia_poilane’s new book (coming out in Oct): Poilâne, The Secrets of the World-Famous Bakery. Link to story in bio. . . FYI - the cookies need to be made with corn flour, NOT cornmeal, cornstarch or masa harina. I used @bobsredmill brand . .photo by @johnny_miller_ food styling by @maggie_ruggiero prop styling by . . .

At last - and before August is over - I’m sending out a newsletter. Tomorrow. It will have a bunch of recipes and a bunch of book recs. If you haven’t signed up, go to (link in bio) and put your name on the list (scroll down landing page). See you tomorrow with the recipe for this gorgeous Tomato-Peach Panzanellla from (photo by @ellensilverman ) - xoxoxDorie . .

It’s hard to know how to respond to something this exciting other than to say YIPPEE ❣️❣️❣️❣️ @helenr just chose the ten best cookbooks of the century so far and Baking From My Home To Yours made the list in @newyorkermag Remarkable! And wonderful! And thrilling! And thank you, Helen, and all of you wonderful bakers who make my work such a joy to do - xoxox. . Link in bio - where you’ll find the other 9 fabulous books by @urban_deriver @davidchang @greasetrap @momolongplay @modcuisine @mikesolomonov @franklinbbq @tonitiptonmartin @ciaosamin @anissahelou . .

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