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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Our last morning at the beach was windy and cold— summarized best by Hope’s face here. This week was such a reminder to slow down and keep things simple. We started every day by watching the sunrise at the beach and then we took a bike ride down to the jetty after every breakfast. Lots of naps, time together and plenty of dog walks. I could not have asked for more. ♥️

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Tomorrow is our last full day here and I soaking up every second. The ocean has such a power to heal and calm and starting the day here every morning with @turshen and the dogs has been such a joy. Lots of breathing, biking, smiling, and sandy shoes 💛

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Best date night ♥️ 🎡

Look at this handsome guy. Holding down the fort at home and getting some fresh air while we run around the beach in Virginia. 💛💛

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Literally could not ask for a thing more. Sunrise at the beach with my favorite person and a pack of the sweetest dogs. ♥️

♥️ It's here: our final Design*Sponge post. One last letter of gratitude + a beautiful video we shot at @shopterrain reflecting on 15 years of this amazing community. From all of us at Design*Sponge, thank you sharing this online home with us ♥️ You can watch the video in the post at Design*Sponge, in our Instagram TV feed or up in the stories above. Thank you to everyone who sat down with us to share their thoughts and be a part of this video. This final post is a love letter to you all and says more than I could ever fit in a caption here. I hope you’ll pop by to read it in full if you have time. Your support and love and inspiration have let us all live out a dream and we are forever grateful. Thank you , thank you, thank you. Some FAQs (and answers): -I will still be updating here at Instagram :) -Design*Sponge will stay online, where it is, as an archive for the next year, thanks to @tuesdaybassen and @adamjk -In September 2020, the archives will be available through the Library of Congress. A big thank you to @ianfursa for filming our final video ♥️♥️

♥️ I didn’t think this week could end on a sweeter note, but it is. Want to know something truly wonderful? Thanks to the generosity + support of @tuesdaybassen and @adamjk Design*Sponge will *officially* stay online as a useable archive for a FULL YEAR!! After that, it will be archived in full at the Library of Congress. Thank you, sweet friends ♥️ It means so much to me to know that we can stay online as an archive and stay true to our mission at the same time. I cannot thank Adam and Tuesday enough for their support. Our team feels like we can breathe easy now, knowing the site will stay online and searchable until our official LOC archive is open to the public. I can't quite find the words to express how much this all means to me. To feel this sort of support from our community, and two people we all love and respect SO much, is the truly greatest ending to such a wonderful chapter. Thank you, Tuesday and Adam! We are so grateful that you two are the reason Design*Sponge can stay online for the next year. ♥️♥️ *Stay tuned for updates from Adam and Tuesday on our DS Instagram feed this year, too! We have some fun ideas planned ✨

♥️ I have never been prouder of our team & what we've worked together to build. Today we found out that the archives of Design*Sponge will officially be saved as part of the Library of Congress' permanent web collection. What an end to this week and this incredible journey. ♥️

When I asked what topics you’d like to see us cover this final week of Design*Sponge, so many of you said, “What do you hope for the future of design?” So today I shared my thoughts on the topic and would love to hear YOUR thoughts, too. I shared a preview of the post in my stories or you can check it out over at today too ♥️ Pattern by @mrdeannecheuk

✏️Today I wrote about one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in 15 years of blogging: how to handle, and learn from, being called out 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have a lot of thoughts about call out culture (and generally prefer private convo when things are sensitive) but I really appreciate the fact that we’ve asked to be held to our word and you’ve all helped us to do that. It’s not always easy, but I have a method of processing tough criticism and it’s served me well over the years. It’s made us focus on the bigger picture and work harder to know better and do better. Want to read more about how we’ve learned to process and appreciate call outs and feedback? Check out the full post over at DS today or via the link in my profile or in my stories, too. ♥️ 📷 by @stef.gomes .gomes in

It’s here. The final week of Design*Sponge. I can’t believe it’s real, but it is. And I’m feeling equal parts sad and celebratory. We have a week of beautiful and personal posts lined up, so I hope you’ll join us for one last week of stories and sharing and connection. I’m going to work on soaking up every last second of this time together 💛

🏕 Many of you have reached out to ask if I have any travel planned after DS closes next week and until recently, I didn’t. But it’s sinking in that this might be the *best* time to follow my vision board and clear my head and heart for the future. So I’m going to take the trip I’ve always wanted to take: ALASKA. I can’t afford a ton of time, but for anyone who lives locally or visits often, what would YOU suggest for a one week itinerary? My primary interest is seeing as much nature and indigenous art as I can. I was thinking maybe Anchorage/Denali/Katmai and a side trip to Sitka if I can manage it. What do you all think? I’m so excited, and also a little scared, to finally take the trip I’ve always dreamed of. 📷 by @patrickthunphoto via @travelalaska

Bear Hill Nature Preserve

Yep, this will do. What a wonderful way to end the day. 🌄

♥️ Today I answered the question I've been asked the most: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S TIME TO GO? Ending a chapter is really hard, but today I wrote about HOW I made the decision, HOW I knew it was the right time and how it’s felt- honestly. Link to the full post in my stories above and in my profile ☝🏽 ✨ Has anyone else closed a business or chapter before? How did YOU know it was the right time? What did your process feel like? Looking back on it, do you wish you’d done anything differently? (Tile design by @nickmisani )

🔮 What does the future hold? I decided to make (and share) one last vision board as we wrap up the final month of Design*Sponge and I have a feeling nature and big steps will be a part of my next chapter (I put some close ups in my stories above ☝🏽). Thanks for this great idea. So many of you suggested this as a way for me to better visualize and feel hopeful about life after Design*Sponge and you were right— I feel a clearer path opening to imagine new things 💛

Today, thanks to your wonderful suggestions, I wrote a letter to my 23 year-old self. 💌 (Links above or swipe up in stories) I reflected on what I've learned from the past 15 years of running Design*Sponge and what I think I would have needed to hear in those earlier days. I didn't expect to cry writing the last paragraph, but I did. A lot. 😭 It was so cathartic to tell myself, “YOU DON’T NEED TO WIN ANYTHING TO MATTER. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE BUSY TO MATTER. YOU MATTER ALREADY.” ✨ What would you tell your younger self, knowing what you do now? 💌

Today I’m working on a letter to my younger self that will go up on Design*Sponge this afternoon. Before I share, here’s a picture of Hope’s younger self. 💛

Yowza 😍😍 spotted this photo by @erinsummer_ in the feed this morning 🌸🌸

Today over at Design*Sponge I wrote about 5 Pieces of Advice I’m Glad I Ignored. I’ve gotten the same pieces of (unsolicited) advice over and over during my 15 years at Design*Sponge and I learned so much from how those moments left me feeling. Swipe up in stories to read more about them ☝🏽 All that said, I *should* have taken @turshen ‘s advice when I tried to climb this small boulder in Palm Springs. Turns out I DID need a hand up.

Oh hi 👋🏽 this is a very old picture of me (from a @homepolish shoot at the old DS office) but I have a quick question to ask: I have ONE essay spot left in the Design*Sponge calendar before we close up shop and I have NO idea what to write about. I already have pieces about what I’ve learned from the site and the biggest mistakes I’ve made (and what they taught me) coming up — but is there anything you’d like me to write about or anything you’d like to know before I close up blog camp for good? Any issues or topics or questions you’d like answered? If so, let me know below or in DM. I’m home writing all day today 🖊✏️💻

This morning’s dog walks have felt cooler and there’s a distinct feeling in the air that fall is on its way. As I soak up every last bit of this summer, I know I’m holding on more tightly and working on being more present because the end of summer means the end of the DS blog (I’ll still be here on social though). This older photo by @bethkellmer popped up in my feed and it feels like everything I’m trying to hold on to right now: lushness in every form. ♥️

When he does this with his paws I just melt. What a great cat. 18 years with this one has been fun and wonderful every step of the way. So so thankful he’s still here hanging in there 💛

Working on my last few posts for Design*Sponge ever (some essays and resource/recommendation sharing) and feeling alllll sorts of emotional. But when these arrived, that was definitely a bright spot. ✨ They ce from @artisan_books - who published both of our books, as well as @goodcompanyzine - sometimes I forget to celebrate this chapter ending as much as I mourn it. Thanks for the reminder @artisan_books ♥️🌱

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