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✨Artist based on Pernambuco, Brazil. 🌹 🌙Comissions: 🌺Personal account: @l_saraiva_

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Drawing details that require more focus helps me to distract myself from my concerns. :) See more about the process on:

I guess many people can recognize my art style but these pieces feel very different to me. :) . Support me on Patreon for exclusive content and early access to all of my works! ☺️

Step by step of the painting I've made for the , of the @anniestegg character, Princess Isadora. ☺️ I've posted the step by step and hi-res download on my patreon

This is my contribution to the . I've made a redraw of @anniestegg 's character, Princess Isadora. Her art is amazing and beyond beautiful! Soon I'll be posting the step by step of this painting on my patreon:  

"Look at how many times I've almost died or actually died around you." I love the Life is Strange franchise and I wanted to make some fanarts of the game. I started with Chloe because she's very expressive and passional (the complete opposite of me, haha). Even though i didn't liked her at first, I think her character development was really good. I do not usually use blue tones on the main palette, although I love color. But her visual identity along with the animal spirits kind of compels me to use that color, and it was an interesting change. If you like my work please consider joining me on Patreon for only $1 ♥️ . . . . . .

Retaliation. This is a paint that took me a while to finish, but I'm glad I did it. It represents much of my actual state of spirit towards some events in life. I've added a few insights about the painting and my inspirations to this on my patreon, please feel free to subscribe. 💮✨

Gris fanart (process). Sometimes I'm kind of lazy to separate the process stages from the paintings, but I just discovered that I could find the oldest versions of my paintings on the drive recycle bin, I have a tendency to delete a file whenever I upload a new version ahaha ✨ See the full post in:

(EN/PT) Hello, if you are interested in my work and want to follow my processes and inspirations more closely, please consider supporting me at Patreon for only $ 1 or more! Subscribers will have access to unique content, WIPs, early access to all of my paintings, wallpapers, and other elements related to my art that I may want to share over time. . . . . Olá, se você tem interesse pelo meu trabalho e quer acompanhar meus processos e as minhas inspirações mais de perto, por favor considere me apoiar no Patreon, por apenas $1 ou mais! Pessoas inscritas irão ter acesso a conteúdos exclusivos, WIPs, acesso antecipado às minhas pinturas finalizadas, wallpapers, e outros elementos relacionados à minha arte que eu queira compartilhar com o tempo. ^_^

"She does nothing all day But sit down and cry She touches the sky And wishes to play"

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