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Daniel Aristizabal

World's tallest midget The head of @lazyeyestudio

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London, United Kingdom

So excited to finally see this babies come to light! Thanks to @lookmate_london for this collab. Get you pair, make them stinky and give them to your uncle.

Shanghai, China

A couple of the shots i developed for @pullandbear 11.11 camping in China. Soon, ill upload the animation and more wips

Los Angeles, California

Hey brochachos, really excited to partner with @NissanUSA on The Mural. Vote for your favorite backgrounds on twitter, 11/14-19 and see where tech can take you. P.S. don’t forget to support your local image baker, that would be me btw.

Happy late halloween! - everyone knows cool Kids celebrate holydays the day after. I made this for @eristoff , inspired by their underground and techno culture.

Illustrations for Prisma, the album i did for @holapedrina . Finally, some time off to get back on artístic projects 🤞😀


This is the album cover for @holapedrina New álbum, Prisma. I will post the rest of the artwork next week, along some fresh new 💩. Pic by @carolina_osejo

Ile-de-France, France

Space Jam, a re interpretation of past my past work . Trying to find a path to end my creative block.


This is @ado by @mini front view! A/D/O is an open workspace for creatives from all over the world. The cool thing about this place is the interdisciplinarity of the people that work here. A/D/O aims to explore the Future of Design through accessible and experimental formats. Ps. Norman, the restaurant, is delicious!


Love how "Spirit Of The City" by  @unitedvisualartists manages to warp space and creates this weird and unique sensation of melting with the installation. A clever way of showcasing how at the end the city and the citizen become one. Stunning! @mini @ado


"Spirit Of The City" is the name of this amazing installation by @unitedvisualartists, at the stunning @ado, by @mini. The whole concept deals with the symbiosis between the city, New York in this case, and it's habitats. Must visit this show ASAP!

Another loop for @blndollarboy and @703designstudio. Catch me this week in New York and let's discuss art and design nowdays, or just hang around or Wtv🙄

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