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Growing up against my will.

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Turn up your volume and pull your doggy close because @AlwaysChopper has something to say.

Sending @kevinhart4real nothing but positive thoughts. He will be back at it in record time.

My first acting headshot when I got to Los Angeles and was welcomed with open arms. Okay so maybe not welcomed.. more like acknowledged with a mild shrug. Also less open arms and more accurately closed doors. But still I felt the sun on my face and the voice in my head telling me to show’em something they’ve never seen before. I’ve been in the “holy shit” biz for 29 years and 2020 is gonna be another one. After Radio City Music Hall I will share more of the route ahead. If you are a performer and have a story post it on your profile and use hashtag . Let’s get some inspiration going.


Together @itsKelsiTaylor & I (@DaneCook) made it a road warriors weekend. We drove.. get this.. over 4.3 miles today... in LA! Exhausted & grateful to be home safe with @alwayschopper for a night of relaxation.

1994 with my fam @frostytheshowman outside of the now defunct Boston Comedy Club in The Village. We spent many nights outside here conjuring up the goals we wanted to accomplish.. pipe dreams & possibilities. The wild thing is we still work together to this day together at and now as we make more big plans (ahem Radio City Music Hall Sept 14th) we look back on the shit we said we were gonna do and did it. This is dedicated to . With people that believe in you and with your belief in them you can get anything accomplished.

It doesn’t matter what the year is. It doesn’t matter what the venue is. It doesn’t matter what hardship I was enduring or what reward I was touting. It doesn’t matter if I’m running wildly with the pack or treading lightly solo. One thing has been a part of the yin the yang the high the low the good or bad. I’m always happy to be on stage. I fucking love that I’ve been the challenged and the challenger. Putting out hits or on a hit list. More to come. In fact.. read this in 30 more years it will all be the same.

My fam. 3 years of happiness with this dude. Insanely intelligent. Protective as a mf. You can’t not be in a good mood around him. @alwayschopper

In the last 10+ years living in my home I’ve built up an arsenal of unique asthetics both inside & out. Today we talk exterior. I guarantee no one else in this region of the world has as many eclectic botanical items canoodling alongside each other (except for my friends at @RollingGreens who’ve helped create this oxygen enriched atmosphere). So here we go. The planet of plants on the property of mi casa. 1 Australian Queen Palm Tree or Syagrus romanzoffiana 1 California Coast Live Oak Tree or Quercus Agrifolia 1 Kalanchoe Baharensis 2 Red Cardinal Philodendrons 3 Aloe Bainesii 6 Euphorbia Ingens (cacti-esque) 8 Orchids (Moth) 19 Succulents 33 Ficus Nitida 400+ Timber Bamboo Stems There you have it squad. 🌵 🌳 🌱

Arlington, Massachusetts

Found a few pix of a young me. Top picture got be popping out the blades. That collar is looks like a vampires teeth. Sharptastic. I also look like the little kid in every video game ever. The one who gets lost and you have to guide me through jungles filled with chomping mud sharks and swing me across collapsing chandlers. Lower left pic somehow looks like a mug shot of a dude who they caught running down a highway away from a carjacking. You can see my dog bite scar glowing through in that one. The lower right — I mean let’s face it if there was a most beautiful boy in the whole wide world contest just gimme the god damn plastic trophy!! to when life was ahead of ya and nothing was so bad that a cupcake couldn’t make it all bet bet.

I’ve got over 200 scars across my body. 80+ through my head from a vicious dog attack when I was 4 (zoom in you can see the scars run across the top of my forehead). He ripped my head up pretty good but that was only the beginning. A year later the scar on my left eyebrow - a result of a wrestling match I got into with a metal bed frame with no mattress or box spring on it. Almost lost that eye too from the damage around it from getting it dislodged. Nasty gash. Of course cystic acne pounced on me at 15 years old and if the anxiety / introvert I was dealing with wasn’t enough the acne made me a recluse. Scars from not treating properly gave me what my agents today lovingly call my rugged look - I’ve never tried to laser my face off or anything to “fix” my skin. Everything I’ve accomplished was with this face and although not perfect I don’t give a fuck because I’m not perfect inside either so it all goes together. Huge gashes on my stomach from getting impaled on a tree branch at 16 had me hanging from my rib cage. Lotsa pretty stitches. Skateboarding down a road paved with rocks smartly destroyed my knees. I also built a go cart that dissembled itself whilst I was riding it full speed down the steepest road in my neighborhood. Shredded the Lee jeans right off my ass and cut me up something special. Oddly I’ve never broken arms or legs but have had more near misses than you would believe. My doctor said if I wasn’t so limber (my patella tendon is fucking sexy af and can limbo me to the floor) I’d be “doomed.” Car crashes, motorcycle mishaps, onstage stunt man level abuse — I’ve pushed myself to the limit. My heart is a kid. My ability to play to endure to dream and create keep me feeling like I can do it all over again. That’s why I’m 30 years into a career and yes I’ve had ups and downs. Been told no way over and over while I made it a yes way. Popular, outcast, influencer, old news — I’ve heard it all.. some of it in my first year doing this profession. You know what I’ve never heard? You didn’t try.

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