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▪️Former NFL WR ▪️Performance Coach▪️Creator: Training C.A.M.P. ▪️Coach @wework ▪️Advisor @samsungmobileusa x @popsugar ▪️ Fitness Business Consultant

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New York, New York

First, make sure there’s no one in the area of the path of your plate! This is a great core exercise that focuses on will have your obliques working overtime! Try it for time or reps, just make sure you tie a knot in the front and back to keep it centered and prevent it from sliding towards you. TRY IT OUT, TAG A FRIEND, DROP A COMMENT/QUESTION! . . . .

What a great surprise in my email yesterday! Love my fam, the support is always 💯🙏🏽. Make sure you sign up for tonight’s Training CAMP! Open to both members and Non Members! DM me for the link! . . .

Its , @diddy got them dancing at Turf Performance! They killed it today! Great job 4:30pm Athletes!

Rise by We

This weeks schedule! Wednesday we’re taking the playlist back to the Bad boy Era! Drop your favorite tracks to workout to!! 💪🏽 Also, Non Rise Members... you can drop into a Turf Performance class for just $15! DM me for the discount code!! . . . . .

New York, New York

Those that know...know // I pulled up on @ryanleslie on the street Saturday 🙌🏽🙏🏽 Anyone that knows me knows I respect a lot of what he’s done as an entrepreneur as well as a super talented artist, doing it all independently. Whoever he was with asked me a series of questions to make sure I was official, which I obviously had no problem with, he was in the middle of a phone call. We had conversed briefly years ago to possibly do some business together but of course timing is everything. Once I explained who I was and what I was about we had a cool convo about how I’ve applied a lot of his business practices to my own brand. Reputation and being official across the board is still very much a thing... looking forward to linking up again regarding a platform he’s creating for small business owners! 📷: @devdooley . . . .

Looks crazy but if you need a release and stretch of your lower back try this traction set up. You’ll need a very heavy resistance band. Set the bench up far enough to get good tension of the band while your hips hang off the edge of it. Let your knees fall downward and relax for the band to do the work. Also, be careful with your jewels 😂 TAG A FRIEND, TRY IT OUT, DROP A QUESTION OR COMMENT! . . .

Rise by We

Here’s a few Hip Mobility moves you can incorporate into your workout prep! TAG A FRIEND, TRY THEM OUT, DROP A COMMENT/QUESTION! . . .

Rise by We

30 Second Finisher, seems like a short amount of time, but if it’s done with the right intensity that’s all you’ll need...that was evident at the end of this video 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😩 . . . .

Rise by We

If you understand and put movement FIRST your creativity will never have limits // TRY IT OUT, TAG A FRIEND, DROP A COMMENT/QUESTION! . . .

Heres a dynamic core exercise with shoulder stability using a KB. TRY IT OUT, TAG A FRIEND, DROP A COMMENT/QUESTION! . . . .

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