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“Do Not Give Your Past The Power To Define Who We Are.” Thank GOD for growth and evolution. CC: @slinkjohnson Season 3 premieres tomorrow at midnight on @adultswim

GOD told me to let you know who the host for the 2019 @bethiphopawards is.............

I’m having a great shirt day...... (Update shirt is courtesy of @jpcraftncompany I had no idea who sent me this but Thank You for knowing my heart!!!)

Madonna offered 20 million to get her pregnant. This guy has lived a life.....full interview on @breakfastclubam @youtube page now!!!

We got this interesting individual @dennisrodman on @breakfastclubam right now!!!

Energy I’m On Forever....

We got @dennisrodman on @breakfastclubam in the morning.....

I remember when all you digital dickheads said “I was frustrated because this young man out trolled me” in this interview. I told y’all then I wasn’t attempting to troll him at all, just telling him the truth because I’m a grown ass man who has seen this movie before. We all knew this wasn’t going to end well but it’s hard to get that through to you kids when y’all see someone “winning” because when they so called winning you justify whatever foolishness they are doing then you go and follow the foolishness and find yourself in a fucked up situation because you chose to follow the wrong energy. Moral of the story is “If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in shit all day.” -Wayne W. Dyer

The Stones That The Building Refused have Returned.......24 New Episodes. Launching with a 50 minute special next year right before the presidential election. Aaron Mcgruder returns as show runner and executive producer and the episode were Tekashi takes the stand against the Trump administration will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @boondocksbootleg go read about the return in my story!!!

Forever rivals like the Redskins vs. Cowboys, Coke vs. Pepsi, Wolverine vs. Sabertooth, Black Panther vs. Killmonger, dairy vs. my bowels. What I’m trying to say is 50 and Ja will never be friends but @fatjoe gets credit for trying. Full interview on @breakfastclubam @youtube page now!!!

One of the best story tellers in the business @fatjoe on @breakfastclubam right now.....

The Stones That The Builders Refused....... @boondocksbootleg

This Monday!!! Join @kevinlove and I @92ndstreety for a conversation titled “It Happened To Me-Why We All Need To Talk About Mental Health” link to tickets in my bio!!!

Energy I’m On This Morning. Please Open Your Heart And Receive This Word. AMEN.

More great hip hop stories tomorrow courtesy of @fatjoe on @breakfastclubam tune in!!!

You gotta understand these records are the soundtracks to my life. So when I get to sit with the architects of these classics I don’t take it for granted at all. Forever a Fan of this culture we created called Hip Hop!!!! What’s the best @therealswizzz produced posse cut??? I’m a say off album or off album. Let’s discuss......

Ok I’m ready to argue but let’s not act like this is close!!!! THE BOONDOCKS!!!!!! @boondocksbootleg That’s my final answer and I don’t have to phone a friend to come to this conclusion!!!!

The good brother @therealswizzz on @breakfastclubam this morning.....

Your daily IG motivation is on @breakfastclubam in the morning. @therealswizzz

I like this energy. My folks @gregyuna and @askdrjess stopped traffic to raise awareness for mental health!!! Everybody doing their part, everybody doing the work, to eradicate the stigma and normalize healing!!!

Explains why stories like Bronzeville in Chicago are important and need to be told!!! Full interview with @larenztate on @breakfastclubam @youtube page now!!!

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