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A cheeky 7 years-old Golden in Malaysia. Smarter than the average bear 🐻 📩

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The last few months has been a crazy but fun ride for the family. We have a new addition to the family and Cosmo is getting along well with his baby sister. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship 🐶👶

Helping my mummy to unpack her parcel

Cosmo is always more than happy to help with the leftovers, and he's good with the chopsticks

Cosmo loves his greens

There is no running away from Cosmo when you are eating

Waiting for my Valentine's date ❤

Who doesn't like a good massage?

Keeping an eye on my human's "ang pow" (red packet)

Cosmo wishing you a happy and prosperous Rooster year! 🐓🐔🐣

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

I'm ready, let's go! ✈

Keeping an eye to make sure it does not get burnt

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