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We make goods for the body, that are good for your body, while doing good in the world.

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“Get in the habit of asking yourself, does this support the life I’m trying to create?” —Irisa Yardenah (Photo by @bensasso)

The inspiration for our Fearless Necklace comes from the word Ubuntu: I am because we are. With each necklace purchased, you give one year of pads and health education to a girl in Kenya, so she can confidently manage her period.

Whether you’re a tampon user, a cup user, or a pad user, if you’re putting anything in or near your vagina getting educated about Toxic Shock Syndrome is key. Visit the link in our stories to read more about how to spot the signs in one of our latest @bloodmilkwomen pieces, “Everything You Need to Know About TSS.”

The average menstruator has around 450 periods in a lifetime! One of the simple ways you can reduce your environmental footprint over those 450 weeks is switching to Applicator Free Tampons. With three sizes (Regular, Super, and Super+) and 8 absorbent sections to promote equal absorbency, theyre designed for ultimate protection — even on the down dog days.

Every time you purchase Cora, you give a girl a chance to stay in school. We’ve been able to donate over 8 million pads to date, all because of your belief that if you can help just one girl feel powerful and confident during their period, you should.

Moving into the new week with compassion.

Weekend trip BFF: the Cora Body Cloth. Harsh cleansers can raise your vaginal pH above it’s healthy level, making you more susceptible to infections. That’s why every ingredient is super body friendly and ready to be used anywhere— even down there.

Curious about trying a menstrual cup? From what size is right for you to how to clean your cup, we’re taking questions from you! Leave them below or shoot us a DM. ⤵️

How do you stay centered during the work week? Meditation? Exercise? Breathwork? (Photo by @nicolepurdy)

“I love knowing that I’m using something safe + natural...” — @homebodyessentials

Three day weekend, a mood. (Photo by @zippyseven)

Recent studies found that an hour-long soak in hot bathwater produced similar anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses as an hour of moderate physical activity. (Photo by @parisinfourmonths)

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