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photographer, pilot, escape artist, space camera maker

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fresh take on some deep tracks

super moon super zoom! changing the focal length over a five second exposure gets some interesting results

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

what’s the best decision you’ve ever made? (see my answer on my buddy Kiran’s project @31questions)

Moon Palace Jamaica

238,900 miles from one surface to another

Green Grotto Caves

followed these roots another 40 feet down to a crystal-clear underground lake, filled with brackish water and little unidentified creatures. jamaica is rad.

Green Grotto Caves

getting lost underground in the green grotto caves, north jamaica, once home to a bond villain, a night club, and current home to thousands of beautiful bats. such an unexpectedly cool spot. (thanks @chedd_brown for the tour)

Martha Brae, Trelawny, Jamaica

captain’s log: exploring the martha brae. we’ve found bamboo to be the most efficient form of transportation. limestone appears to make the water the same color as the local bays, providing natural springs for the crew along the way. june the 24th, 2018.

The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park

a break in the fog over buzzard lagoon @djiglobal

Buzzard Lagoon

forest things

Point Arena, California

and death shall have no dominion

Robbinsville, North Carolina

totality from the smoky mountains. currently riding shotgun with a blanket over my head, merging multiple exposures into an HDR... improperly, but digging what it did to the moon! more soon.

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