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Knife Maker🔪🔪🔪 books closed indefinitely

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I’ll be attending the Kentucky custom knife show this year on December 7. Tickets will be on sale soon and they sell out fast! If you’re interested in attending make sure you’re keeping your eye on their fb group and their big cartel site (link below). Hope to see you there!! @kentuckycustomknifeshow

Looks like ill be exhibiting at the @hawaiiknifeandtacticalshow on April 18th. Who going to make It out? Also please follow @hawaiiknifeandtacticalshow 🤙🏼

Small dreadeye

Dreadeye that didn’t make Vegas


Finished up this menace for @dcdigger before I left for Vegas

Finished up this bangarang for @e.s.k.h.o and @alliancedesigns before I left for the gathering.

Had a great time with @e.s.k.h.o @byulich @byulich @onesallknifeguy Brandon and Phil at @speedvegas. Thanks to Eden Of @alliancedesigns for a great time and dinner @tacoselgordo_ . Till next time.

Line up for the gathering! See everyone in Vegas baby!!!

Small dreadeye for the gathering

Critter for USN

Critter for the gathering

Iron woody for the gathering

Insanos collab with @jvo_design interesting colors, but I like It.

Another misfit for the gathering @fatcarbon

Has come together Nicely. Proud of this one. For @usngatheringlv

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