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Play Date with Daddy @sterlingshepard @caliclayshepard ✖️ @levis

I just love this video ❤️ My world @sterlingshepard @caliclayshepard ✖️ @levis

Thank you @bmwusa for getting me around New York fashion week in style

Had one of the most amazing trips shooting in Abu Dhabi thanks to @etihadairways 🏁 Here’s to celebrating 3 years of flying in fashion! @prabalgurung

Fall Winter Campaign @marc.fisher @elizabethsulcer

Savage✖️Fenty @badgalriri 💗💜💟 Shut it down @annacongdon 🙌🏾

To good not to do

Had the best trip in Canada 🇨🇦Thank you @revolve for another incredible trip around the world ❤️ @mmente @raissagerona @kelsitoito @susanyi @kfoltz @ej.26 @aaaaariel @neenerno @badgalrara_ @cococuenco @gillly @loveannatran @shintani @dyoonphoto @charinascott @kimmieobrien @kndlsargeant @simonekuhfal 🌷🌸🌷💐

Hiking for two 💪🏽👶🏽@revolve 🐿🍁🐻

Mama Bear 🐻 🐾 @revolve @majorelle_collection

Lunch time 🍁 🇨🇦 @revolve @sascha.r.smith ❤️

Lake Louise 🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦

Breath of fresh air 🇨🇦 @revolve

🌏🍃 @revolve @lpa 🍃 🇨🇦

Excited to announce we will be a family of four soon 🤰🏽👼🏽


Having a white smile is so important to me and I’ve been looking for a good whitening toothpaste for so long. I’ve just started using the @Colgate Optic White High Impact Toothpaste and it’s the first one I’ve tried that really works. Loving it so far and will keep you updated on my progress!

Cali’s First Birthday 🦄🎂 🎥 @evan_erogers @liakingking SWIPE To see the rest of the video @kbellesdesign

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes and everyone who came to celebrate with us 🎂👼🏽

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