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‪From @kitten_faces: “Six weeks old! These kittens are going to still be bottles at their high school graduation 🎓 😸”

‪From @kittenbnb: “Just trying to 💩in peace.”

‪From @kitty_fostering_oz: “Who else hates waiting? .‬ ‪.‬ ‪Piper is voicing her displeasure that she has to wait for the floors to dry after steam cleaning before she can come out of the kitten room to run around, such a funny little girl.”

‪From @sokimunchkin: “Let’s do some aerobics while listening Soki’s new song!”

‪From @foster_furbabies: ““I exercising” ~ Baxter”

From @crx_doubletrouble: “Time flies when you’re having fun! These kids moved to their furrrever homes 💕 Good luck for the new families 😼😹”

From @ohanakittyfostering: “The Sweet Squad is workin hard on their tackling skills and honing their ability to cause an adorable ruckus. I’d say they’re doing great at both, wouldn’t you? 🙃🐾”

From @kitten.nuggets: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We’ve reached our cruising altitude and it is now safe to move about the cabin. Milkies will be served shortly. 💙🐱 “

From @madfluffs: “When you wake up from a nap and don't know what year it is 🙃 Ever had a half hour nap so good it turned into a 3 hour one? I know I have 🙈😂”

From @juiceecat: “Dis is luv ❤️”

From @kitchimiaocat: “Oh my heart 😍 “

From @henrythecoloradodog: “Caught Baloo lovin’ on Henry 🥰”

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