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Here’s the story....

This is a classic @Mtv 1999 pic in the . I actually moved there that summer & fell in love with the islands, but mainly the people. I’ve been going back for 20 yrs now w my fam & am heartbroken by the devastation has caused. The stories of what’s happening on the ground to families & the lives lost is unfathomable. The Carolinas & other areas also need your help. Please do what you can & donate to Thanks ❤️

Friday and it feels so good!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” -Confucius Thnx @photonate

Best part about our @nbcthevoice slumber party was that we didn’t even have to put @blakeshelton’s hand in warm water...he wet himself anyway!!😂👏🏻 cc @gwenstefani @kellyclarkson @johnlegend

What a great afternoon getting to teach a music class at North Star Academy in Newark, NJ to some of the best young people I’ve ever met. So impressed. Thanks for having me. You guys all rock! Keep up the great work 🎼🎹🎸🎻🎷🥁🎧🎤

Back together!

Only 5 more days until is back together...can’t wait to see you @hodakotb ❤️

Congrats to my big chungus @blakeshelton on his 3 well deserved @cma nominations today. I hope I’m there to (yet again) beat @gwenstefani to the victory kiss! 😂🤷🏻‍♂️🍺 ’sCountry

Only 7 more days until the is back together!

Now on @GolfPass, @McIlroyRory and I dive into the topic of fans in sports & whether the headlines @drizzy made during the NBA Finals was fun or too much. Rory & Carson - Ep. 5 Live NOW.

It’s going down, every time @katethechemist shows up @todayshow! Chemistry’s never been more fun. (thanks @photonate)

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