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Making a banner for Processions

‘coach says I can’

Enjoyed the taxonomical, archival, ecological and anal/retentive world of Mark Dion’s ‘Theatre of the Natural World’ at the Whitechapel Gallery today. The pungent sausage alongside the mallard, accompanied by the song of the zebra finches is still tickling my senses on the way out

The broom of the cistern. Many sweeping generalisations to come

Casting a mango in the Goldsmiths casting workshop = the most fun morning with an excellent soundtrack

Mid-crit breakout cake to avert feedback prejudiced by low blood sugars

Installation view including lumpy carpet piece under which, at first glance, my colleagues assumed I was hiding 😁

Skivers and strivers. When your fate is in your hands but you fear that your hands are weak. Silicone in fish tank, coloured water

Wool waste and clay infestation. Not the reason we’re lobbying for a cat creek side though

Clay, household paint, cornflour, food colouring on blanket results in a surface reminiscent of grandma’s Dralon suite @dralon_gmbh

Excellent Love Life Act III jonathan_baldock and emma.hart_ at the De La Warr Pavilion until Sunday 7th Jan @delawarr

Apple Bottoms sneakers and trews from Artangel/ Miranda July Interfaith Charity Shop in Selfridges now until end Oct

Colour-coded. Yellow for edges, red for water, site-safe green. End of core days for week 2 of Many thanks to @Iammarkgolby and @theneilkelso for taking us through the whole art process from making, curating, critiquing to talking about our work - all in one day and in such an engaging and practical way

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