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Marin, Eljaiek, Lopez & Martinez, PL Personal Injury and PIP Attorney ▪️Auto Accidents ▪️Slip & Fall ▪️PIP

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Dog Park @ Tropical Park

A dog bite can be a traumatic event resulting in serious injury. Vicious dog attacks cause numerous deaths every year. Many times there's psychological harm lasting well beyond the physical injury. If you have been injured caused by sustaining a dog bite, give us a call today! . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Miami Beach, Florida

According to the GHSA, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to experience a fatality in a traffic accident than those in a passenger vehicle, based on per mile traveled 🏍 Our team is highly experienced in the areas of both insurance policies and motorcycle accident litigation. Let our team work with you to help you receive the fair compensation you are entitled to. Call us at 786-285-2045. . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Miami International Airport - MIA

If you were injured in an Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare service, you may be wondering what your options are. Even if the rideshare driver has the best rating, accidents can still happen. Respond to the rideshare accident as it were any other, call 911, take photos of the scene, talk to witnesses, record names and phone numbers, take a screenshot of the rideshare app and receipt on your phone, call me at 786-285-2045 and always seek medical attention. . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Homestead-Miami Speedway

We spend many hours at work a week and sometimes accidents do happen. But even after a minor injury you should make sure to get checked by a doctor to ensure it’s not something more serious. If you have been injured, give us a call at 786-285-2045 to set up a consultation with one of our legal experts! . . .. ... .... ... .. .

836 Dolphin Expressway

Driving in the rain can be dangerous; in fact thousands of car accidents each year are caused by wet driving conditions. Routinely Check Your Tires It is a good idea to always check your tires before you hit the road. To ensure your tires are working at their best, make sure you do the following routine maintenance: Keep your tires properly inflated. The correct air pressure for your tires is specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found on the vehicle door edge, door post, glove box door or fuel door. It is also listed in the owner’s manual. The number listed on the side of the tire is not the recommended air pressure for your tire — it is the maximum air pressure for the tire. You should check your tire’s air pressure at least once a month. Check the tires tread depth. Tires should have 1/16 inch tread depth in order to perform the in the way for which they were designed. Proper tread depth will help prevent skids and hydroplaning. Have your tires rotated at least every 6,000 – 7,000 miles. This will aid in detecting alignment problems and help prevent irregular wear. Slow Down As rain falls, it mixes with grime and oil on the road creating slick conditions perfect for skids. The best way to avoid skidding is to slow down. Driving at a slower pace allows more of the tire’s tread to make contact with the road, which leads to better traction. Recover From a Skid Skids can even happen to the most cautious drivers. If your car does skid, remember not to slam on the brakes, and do not pump the brakes if you have an anti-lock braking system (ABS). Instead, apply pressure to the brakes in a firm manner and steer the car in the direction of the skid. Keep a Safe Distance It takes about three times longer to break on wet roads than on dry roads. Since more distance is required to brake, it is important not to tailgate. Keep more than two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. Recover from Hydroplaning When it rains, water creates a barrier between the road and your tires. The liquid film that forms can cause you to lose traction and glide or hydroplane across the water’s surface. If this happens, do not break. It is better to take y

We will never forget those who lost their lives or loved ones, or the heroes who saved countless lives that day

Jackson Memorial

You have 14 days from the date of your car accident to seek medical treatment in order to secure your PIP benefits. Medical treatment includes being treated at the scene by the paramedics. Make sure you seek some form of medical care as soon as possible after your accident to make sure that you are eligible for PIP benefits under your auto policy. . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Miami, Florida

Whether you have been in an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, or slip-and-fall accident, Attorney Carla Martínez can provide you the legal assistance you need to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 786-285-2045. . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Marin, Eljaiek, Lopez and Martinez, P.L.

@mellawyers ・・・ Have you been wondering how you can help our neighbors in the Bahamas? Here is an easy way... Partner and pilot Anthony Lopez is flying supplies directly to the Island. We are gathering supplies all of next week in our offices in Coconut Grove. Visit @yourinsuranceattorney website for a full list of supplies desperately needed. We’re committed to helping them get back on their feet, and you can be a part of the relief. Have a great Friday! 🙏🏽🏝 No contribution is too big or small. Thank you to our staff and partners!

Miami, Florida

Did you know that distracted driving accounts for 30-80% of all collisions? Cellphone use being a major contributor! Don't text and drive, it can wait! . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Miami, Florida

@hurricanetracker ・・・ JUST IN: Hurricane intensifies into a 105-mph, Category 2 storm, per the 11pm EDT advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Dorian will very likely become a major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) on Friday as it turns to the west and toward Florida. All of Florida remains at risk for this storm but there continues to be a slight southward shift in the forecast track of Dorian. The main concern is that Dorian's forward movement will significantly slow down once it nears Florida, which may lead to days of heavy rain, strong winds, and storm surge. Track in depth with the Hurricane Tracker App at

Miami Beach, Florida

According to the NSC, over 88,000 nonfatal motorcycle injuries occurred in 2016. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a motorcycle accident, contact us today for a FREE consultation! . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Marin, Eljaiek, Lopez and Martinez, P.L.

Happy Birthday @mrsmcaballero 🍾 Thank you for all that you do but especially for your winning smile! 😃🥳

Coral Gables, Florida

Slip and fall cases usually settle out of court. So most of the time, you won't have to go to trial and the defendant will offer you a lump sum payment. Let us know if you know someone who has recently been injured as a result of a slip and fall accident. . . .. ... .... ... .. .

Downtown Miami

If you have been injured in a side impact collision – or any other type of car accident – caused by the negligence of another driver, contact me to find out what recourse you may have against the at-fault driver. Our firm has successfully represented many injured victims in obtaining the best financial outcome for their case and we are available to meet and discuss the circumstances of your accident and advise you as to what legal options you may have. . . .. ... .... ... .. .

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