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Wife and mommy to 2 handsome little guys, and 1 gorgeous gal! Shop: @caralorenshop Contact me at

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Echo’s Sunday best 😍

Ahhhh!!!! I’ve been working like crazy to put together the perfect pieces to launch my @caralorenshop jewelry line! I can’t wait for you all to be able to get your hands on them, but until then here is a little peek at some of the pieces 🖤🖤🖤

Partnering with @kohls to bring you another fresh denim look today! I’m excited to share some of the fantastic denim finds they have going on right now and I am not kidding, they have it all...including these high-waisted beauties from Levi’s that are so comfy I am seriously considering sleeping in them. Peek more details in my stories!  

Okay fine...dressing for Fall is my favorite 😍!! Linking this top below because it’s $22 and these jeans are my favorite ever year!

A windy shoot is always a good time 😂💨! @brodyvan23 said to just “work it”.....did it work?! 😂😂😂 p.s. some gorgeous Fall pants launched on @caralorenshop that you won’t want to miss!

The coziest spot in our home...Echo spends most her day here! And yes...even she is now doing 😂

Wishing Summer didn’t have to end 😭! I really need to learn to love Winter because it’s coming whether i like it or not 😂! Are you a Winter or Summer lover??

Happy day!! Thank you for all your sweet messages yesterday!! The fire is out near our home and we feel so fortunate and blessed! Love you all and your kind hearts🖤! I’m just taking a minute to appreciate nature and all its beauty!

Lift at Station Park

Arm today today! Monday’s i work on back, biceps, and shoulders along with a little HIIT and cardio! Do this circuit 3 times through, along with 2 other arm circuits and you will get those arms nice and sculpted 💪🏻! // /song “Dancing with a Stranger” by Sam Smith

Happy Sunday babes!!! I’m enjoying these blossoms while they are still here 🌼

We got to spend last night at my sister’s wedding 🖤! Love was in the air and it was so magical! P.S. has ended🤔🤔

Let the Fall festivities begin 🍁

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