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Just your average gamer who wants to bring joy to gaming.

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When I play this ritual it is not very spiritual. It doesn't cleanse your opponent's heart, But makes it very sour and tart. For those who didn't scoop, they are in for a terrible loop. Because they are unable to act, They will lose and that is a fact.

To most people he might be a simple goat, but if you know his true power by all means gloat! Although his climbing skills may look simple, that power of his will get you out of a nasty pickle. Climbing over your opponents creatures is a fine art,which is why he has a special place in our heart.

When I play Gary you all should be wary. Not because he is cool, but because he is scary. He not only steals your life, but also your wife. It does not matter if you cried, because he already did his job before he died.

We are dimir, we don't just enter a place, we break in. Not loudly, but smoothly, without anyone knowing we came in. We leave no trace. We take what we need, get the information we want, then leave as if nothing happened.

I sometimes ask myself, why don't I have nice things?" "Why don't I have the best cards in my deck?" Then I chuckle and remind myself, why do that when I can auction and take it for myself? (in game, with this card, and not in real life. Stealing is wrong and we are not Yu-Gi-Oh players, guys)

There is a reason the cave is so icy. The cold it not due to the weather, but the people who go inside. Because it doesn't matter if you are a red, green, white or black magic player, in the cave, we all become blue players! We do not counter with cards this time, but with Mana... Which brings a while new level to being cold to one another...

I finally finished all my new twitch panels with a lot of help from my amazing husband! Sorry for the bad picture! I hope you all like the new panels!

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