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Honestly, I do love that 90 percent of the time when I get my phone back from letting Cricket play on it, I find something like this in my photos😂❤️🌈🦄❤️👼🏼

2013 When little Birdie and I tried in vain to convince baby Cricket that she should use the mustache pacifier. She was never convinced. 😂👼🏼🐣❤️

It's so. You know. I got one. Los Angeles is an abundance of amazing cheeseburgers; always has been- pie'n burger, apple pan, father's office, hiho, Irv's(rip😢), burgerlords, burgers never say die, burger daddy, and chains HOUSTON'S(best veggie cheeseburger ever), not to mention In-N-Out❤️and shake shack. It's new to the scene here(I know not new to Brooklyn) but IMHO @fiveleavesla has one of the best cheeseburgers around. This has been my cooking segment. Vegans don't come for me. I'm sorry if you've "lost respect" but there's nothing I can do about that cause I literally can't but I love you.❤️🍔❤️🍔❤️🍔❤️

I felt like I needed to document my new career as a person who enjoys playing tennis with portraits by @tomsonehourphotolab. I WAS CORRECT. PLEASE ENJOY. 🌈🎾🌈

HERE WE GO! Teacher in is Eva Sumano from beautiful BALTIMORE, MARYLAND! Ms. Sumano's Amazon wishlist will be IN MY BIO AND STORIES ALL DAY! Let's help her and get much needed school supplies for her students!! And because I'm a @michaelsstores partner, they are generously donating a 300 dollar gift card- woo!! Eva's story inspired me and I have to say, when I first saw her picture, I thought she was a student! Here's what Eva emailed, "Hi Busy! I teach Spanish to Pre-K, 5th-8th grade at an inner-city, Title I charter school, Patterson Park Public Charter School, in Baltimore, Maryland. That is 290 students, so you can imagine we go through a lot of supplies. The reason why I chose to teach Spanish is that as a first-generation Mexican American, I want to empower our students to embrace their heritage. During my childhood, I remember feeling that I could not speak Spanish at school. It was looked down upon if you spoke Spanish outside of the home. It is so unfair that there is still a stigma for heritage speakers to speak their own language. But, then there is praise when other people learn an additional language. Heritage speakers have a huge burden of having to work twice as hard in order to try to belong and then still be rejected by society. Unfortunately, the reality for many students is that the foreign language departments are not supported or even valued. By failing to do so, we are stripping our students from the opportunity to learn another language, experience a new culture, and to become a global citizen." OK GUYS! LETS DO THIS! Even if you just buy ONE BOOK FOR HER, LET'S !!!!!! 📚❤️✨📚🎒❤️

I can't stop watching the genius @keke's "sorry to this man" speech and when I got home last night, I decided to turn it into an acting exercise. WHO SAYS I'VE RETIRED FROM ACTING!?! IM ACTING ALL DAY EVERYDAY BABY🤣 Feel free to do your own- I want to see them.

Honestly, the kid who called me Kim Basinger tonight was so confident about it I was quite certain in the moment that he was correct.🤷‍♀️

Tom's One Hour Photo

Took Birdie and Bea to @tomsonehourphotolab today to have some BFF portraits taken AND IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE. ✨ (Don't worry, I did a portrait as well, I'll post tomorrow🙃)

I'm so happy I was able to support @sethrogen and @laurenmillerrogen and their amazing organization @hilarityforcharity which raises awareness of Alzheimer's and funds for progress in care, research and support TONIGHT at the first ever ! I got to run the wobbly ladder game which, turns out, is EVEN MORE DIFFICULT IF PEOPLE AREN'T SOBER🤣. Anyway, these guys do so much good and I'm inspired by them and was so happy to be a small part of the Fair but also I'm really into how my nails match Seth's shirt and even though I can't get out of a parking garage these days(my nails make it impossible to pull a credit card out of an automated machine🙄💅)I'm really glad I got these long yellow nails.🤷‍♀️💅👍🏼

✨It's a full moon and Friday the 13th, witches. Let's set some spells and make some magic tonight. (I mean after I finish my wine OBVI)✨

Guys! Meet TEACHER In our - ITS MIKEY MORRIS FROM MASSACHUSETTS!!!! @morrismathletes- Here he is with Miss Massachusetts, who he asked to come speak to his students! How cool! Mikey's Amazon wish list is IN MY BIO and my STORIES so let's help him ! AND! Because I'm a Michael's partner, they're going to give him a 300 dollar gift card!(@michaelsstores always gives teachers 15% off!!) Ok, here's what Mr. Morris emailed me, "Hiiiii!!! I’m Mikey! I messaged you a while back during and here I again😂 I teach 4-6 math but this year I’m also taking on 3-6 art because I don’t feel like my scholars were getting a great enough experience. I lose prep time but totally worth it! I work at an inner city school in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Our school has free breakfast and lunch for all scholars! Some people assume it must be but I apart of the most wonderful community of people/scholars and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Supplies can be tough though. I’m doing the best I can, getting art supplies together but I’m scared I won’t have enough! If you could help I would be forever thankful! Here’s a picture from last year with Miss. Massachusetts! I invited her to my school to share her story with my scholars! She was the first black Miss. Mass!! My scholars were so inspired!!!" I AM INSPIRED BY YOU, MR MORRIS! AND ALL THE TEACHERS IN THIS COUNTRY WHO DO SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE! Let's show Mr. Morris and his scholars some support and CLEAR THAT LIST! 📚🌈❤️

Everyone has been commenting that I very tan. Yes. It's because I'm basically a professional tennis player now. There's no filter cause weirdly the lighting in the bathroom at my meeting was ✨.

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