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The official @burton account in Europe GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE⤵️

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Take action with us on Sept 20th & 27th for the Global . We’re joining the next generation to protect the earth we all share. We will be closing down our website and offices to support the strike and transform our stores into Action Centers for strikers. Pass by before the march to collect or create your own protest sign. No sales. It’s time to fight for our future! More info about our regional activities in the link in our Bio.

Gear up for cold days and warm nights with the latest sweatshirts, pants, and lightweight jackets.🍂

“I make intentional choices to live my values. That means choosing a bike over my car, using public transportation, and consciously buying high quality and multi-purpose gear to minimize my impact.” – Jenn Swain, Burton Senior Sustainability Manager Learn more by hitting the link in our Bio


That‘s the kind of adventure we are all living for ✨❄️ @encuentropieles 📸:

“I left the Japanese snowboard team to pursue filming over contest preparation. Now, I'm snowboarding on my own terms.” – Yuka Fujimori, Burton Team Rider 📖 more in our BIO

"My hope is that by getting my kids into the mountains, they'll grow an appreciation for the outdoors.” – Hannah Mason, Burton Softgoods Sales Manager – Americas

“With a small kid and a full-time job, I have a packed life. These moments outside to breathe and step away from distractions are important to me.” – Christine Egger, Burton Product Strategy Manager – Europe More in our bio!

We are the ones carving paths, and we refuse to stand still. For more of our stories, tap the link in our bio. 💪🏽

Enjoying our weekends outdoors and waiting for the winter to kick in ❄️ 📸 @mckd13

Snowpark Zermatt

The white dream ist just around the corner 🌨❄️🔜 🏂 @leonvockensperger 🎞 p: @ev_lifestyle_ @dave18 🔥

Swipe left for some easy weekend exercises 💪🏽😅 Namaste @Chloe_sillieres 🧘🏼‍♀️

Get a jumpstart on winter with our new arrivals, featuring snowboard gear, outerwear, and warm layers. ❄️🌨️ Link in Bio!

Bingin Beach Surf

Board Life = Good Life Agree? 🏄 @maxzeb__ 📸 @s4ni

We're going all in to support the Global on September 20th. That means closing down ALL our offices, flagship stores and websites. As @donnacarpenter said in her letter to the company, "The Amazon is literally on fire, the seas are rising and the glaciers are melting. I’m proud to have Burton join @gretathunberg's movement to draw attention to this global crisis." Join the movement!


@xgamesnorway are in the books and so the queen is back🔝 Congrats @annagassersnow!💪🏽🥇 📸 @s4ni

A weekend full of adventures ahead 🔝🔥 📸 @dodgejedynyprawdziwy 🔁@kosmosskleppl @kosmos_skatshop


August in Chile 🇨🇱❄️

Saas-Fee, Switzerland

@annagassersnow back on the grind and having a blast 💯🔝 @snowparksaasfee 🤳 @lgennero

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