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abd gokul

Attitude King👑 *Thalapathy Veriyan😍 *Suprise me on 19June🤑 *I wont cry for anyone 😈 *Future Actor😎 *Movie Pathiyam😋 *100%single😣 *DeathDayon?☠

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Somewhere In Earth

Busy in thinking about my life❤


St.Patrick's Anglo Indian Hr.Sec School. Chennai

I'm running last and coming first🤩For me Winning or Losing is doesn't matter but participation is very important😘"Work till the end and Fight till the end"😇 🏆

A pic with my bros💞Actually it is old😅Podhanumnu thonuchu adhan pic ah post pannan😅


While taking this pic i am looking somewhere😅Unexpected pic😁

Enga Iruntha Unaku Enna

The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.❤🔥🔥

S2 Cinemas

Shine like a Sun🤑🤑 Burn like a Sun🔥🔥


Throwback💞Remember that everything is beautiful in some way.💞💞

Kandhaswamy Temple, Thiruporur

Be happy alwayz🤗Don't cry for anyone😈And be strong alwayz💪❤

Kandanchavadi, Chennai

Celebrating pongal in my sweet home😍😇

Tiktok fun😂😍

Omr Kandanchavadi


Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Feeling like Devil😈🔥🔥

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