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Thinking is occurring, therefore I am learning. 4w3, ENFJ. Probably daydreaming. I started

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Pennacle Hills

Interesting light this morning

Never ending summer

Evening time is the best time ✨

La Victoria, Rogers

Happiest of Birthdays to my father; he’s always been a lot cooler than me.😎🎉✨

FIVE years ago my sweet angel baby came into our lives — August, we love your sweet, silly, little positive personality.✨💗✨ Happy Birthday buggy #🎉

Meridian, Mississippi

I decided to (starting with my brother, Tom @quietfun ) highlight each one of my brothers individually on their birthday: - I don’t get to see Tom often but he and I share the same sense of profound intellectual humor in the most simple things, the real things in life…we’ve always agreed we have “that type of thinking” that we get from mom. He often got confused as the little kid from Dennis the Menace when we were on vacation and I think got all of his nutrients from Blueberry Poptarts. He used to jump on my back and throw toys at me and I would just sit there confused as to why someone wanted to cause harm, but I’m sure this will just make him laugh when he reads it now. He used to build rockets out of cardboard and we’ve always been obsessed with airplanes; but now, many years later I’m busy and he’s busy but he’s doing well, there in our hometown, I’m really proud of him—he’s a news broadcaster and from the talk of the town, is doing a fantastic job, and more people need to know that. I wish we got to spend more time together, sorry I can’t be there on your birthday. Love you.✨💗✨

Halter Farms

Good morning, Mr. ✨

Pinnacle Hills Promenade

Rambling around ‘65✨

Celebration unknown 🎈

Blowing Springs Park

Colorful cogitation


Zoom Zoom Auto

Hello, Mr. Sphinx ✨

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