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Big announcement coming directly after today's vlog! Who's excited? You know, aside from this cheetah cub...?


Epic valley and peak in Mongolia. Just a shame there were hundreds of tourists there... Oh wait, we had it to ourselves.


Getting so instagrammy here in Mongolia. Head over to my Facebook group "link in the bio" to see what other images the squad created on


The first of my Mongolia films is coming up in an hour over on my channel. See you there?


I haven't seen my laptop in 10 days, but I'm trying to edit some photos on my phone to share. This is a travel portrait of a Kazakh eagle hunter in Western Mongolia. Actually, he and his daughter - who I also met - we're made famous for a Netflix documentary they starred in. We slept on the floor of their house (in the background), they feed us cheese curds (not at all like that on poutine), and could not have been more welcoming. The last of my Sri Lanka vlogs just went up, then on Sunday the first of these Mongolia videos will be coming your way. Spoiler: they're epic. Follow to see what the rest of the squad is up to!


A quick phone edit to show you guys where I've been crashing the past week. It looks epic, and the setting is... But, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to not sleeping on the ground, and having a my first shower in a week. Western Mongolia is an epic battle. It's been a challenge, and it's been rewarding. I can't wait to share more. Be sure to follow to see what the rest of the squad has been creating on the trip.

Antelope Canyon

So, who wants to come hang out with me in Arizona in January? Info in my bio link.

Sri Lanka

Some Sri Lankan epicness. Thanks for the help with the photo @justkeatingphoto !!

Lagos, Portugal

Legit a 15 minute walk from our new home.

Albufeira | Algarve - Portugal |

So stoked to have decided to set up a permanent base in Portugal. This location, and roughly 467,675,000 more are right on our doorstep!


Last week I did calf deep in the Norwegian Sea to get this photo. This week, I did something even sillier. Both off those "adventures" are now up on my channel.


Confession... it's my birthday today. Another confession: I really don't like when people celebrate my birthday, I think it's weird. So, please carry on as if nothing is happening! P.s. this was shot on an epic 8 hour "golden hour" in Norway with @jamespopsys and the squad. Video from this day coming up in a couple hours!

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