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Proud father and husband Email 4 leather goods Knives are sold when completed

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Tippin off this with another custom FooDog. NFS. This was part of our preorders. Full Hollow and Hollow swedge. Blackout Cerakote blade by @fanatic_edge2.0

Finished this one up today. NFS. This was one of our preorders. First time doing a Cerakoted blade. Blade Cerakoted by @fanatic_edge2.0 micarta from @g.l._hansenandsons large weave CF from @aj_composites and titanium pivot pins from @ti_connector. Without these suppliers this blade would have never came to life!

Day 25.... Holding strong as expected. Had a few issues with lockup but easily resolved. Ive carried this knife everyday for almost a month now and had to only strop it twice to regain edge with hard use in construction. Its scraped glue off a floor, mortar out of grout lines, sharpened pencils, dismembered boxes, reamed copper pipe, shaved some legs (yes you read that right) popped bottles and punctured holes in cans to shotgun beers! Time to make some more!

TABLE H8!! See you all there. We will have a limited amount of fixed blades this year and will try to bring a folder or two! @blade_show

Hit up my dude @poconojoe1 hes selling his FooDog. Details on his post. Hope all is well dude.

When @hellapiepizzaco is life!

Another look at NOS . Been carrying it around all week so far at work. Im not concerned about the blade at all. I know our heat treat is on point. More or less just the functionality and feel of the knife for an EDC. So far I dig it! Personally I love larger knives so the size I am used to. Its a lot lighter than some of my knives made by others so it kinda gets "lost in the pocket" and you almost forget its there. Granted I dont wear skinny jeans so for those who do this could be an issue.... 🤣 Opening and closing the blade has been great. No lock stick and it flies open like a rocket. I gotta say I am very pleased with the overall functionality of this knife. Cant wait to make more. Side note...... I already have 2 more models designed that I think youll like even more!!

Well. Here it is in all its glory!! NOS . It was a long road especially not getting as much shop time as in the past but I learned a lot. As I showed this build in progress I got some comments that the direction I was headed was different style of blade than what we've made in the past. "Not Our Style" so NOS seemed fitting for the name of the first build. Titanium liner lock with vintage micarta scales. S35VN blade. Thanks for lookin!!

Dont miss out on this beauty! AUCTION ON LAST POST! CHECK IT OUT!!

CLOSED!! PLACE YOUR BIDS HERE! @bigg.thug generously starting the auction off at our base price of $475. Please bid in increments of 25 or more. Auction will end at 8pm PST sharp. Please keep comments to a minimum.

Another days work. I ended up surface sanding the liners and blade on the stone. That got me my perfect centering. Cur out the handles today and started the lock bar. Think ill heat treat the blade now! Then on to cutting the lock and detent......

My head hurts....

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