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" They hate you when u fake, but hate you more if you real " ...� .

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The expectations I place upon myself by far exceed anybody else’s. With that being said I get so caught up in accomplishing the goals and dreams I have set out for myself that I sometimes don’t realize that even through my darkest moments blessings continue to come my way. I don’t want to continue to overlook those blessings. Never in a million years did I think I would become a part of something so historical and special. The University of Kentucky changed my life for the better. It opened my eyes to so much and doors for me that I didn’t even think existed. I created bonds that will last a lifetime. I helped create a culture and standard that continues to live on. Being your brothers keeper. Sacrificing for the next guy and the betterment of the team. Forever a special place in my heart and forever a place I’ll consider home.

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VEGAS! Join me tomorrow @shoepalace Miracle Mile for a Meet and Greet. Looking forward to seeing you there! @pumahoops

Pulled out the custom @BudweiserUSA Dopp Kit last night for G5. More than a Dopp Kit - also a cooler. 2 more to go! . Collab with @Rokit.One x @Uninterrupted

Oakland, California

“ We was raised wrong but we stayed strong, and when we kept it real we got faked on “....

Flip phone lenses.

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