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100 flights and counting! Our joint Boeing and Saab team recently completed the 100th flight. We look forward to many more with the @USAirForce as we continue proving the safety and quality of this American-built trainer.

What a beauty! We have applied a full body decal to the 787 - the largest decal on a 787 jet ever. Thank you to our employees who support the Employees Community Fund which helps dreams take flight and inspired the design!

Today is . It’s been a long and rewarding journey. Swipe right to see how it all began. Products featured from left to right: North American Aviation XB-70, Boeing B-47, Piasecki HRP-1, North American Aviation P-51 Mustang factory, North American Aviation P-51 Mustang.

development continues with a total body workout. The flight test airplane is performing low-speed taxi tests and other ground testing in Everett, Wash. Our teams are working to verify the operation of integrated airplane systems and software.

Want to know what you can expect onboard the new and 787 ? ✅ Large, dimmable windows ✅ Advanced lighting ✅ Smoother ride technology ✅ Innovations in air quality

Hindan Airbase,Hindan,New Delhi

The first four of 22 AH-64E Apaches have arrived in India. The world’s most lethal attack helicopter will give significant combat capabilities to @indianairforce. An additional four will arrive next week.

RIAT (RAF Fairford)

245 aircraft from 39 air arms, representing 25 nations, plus 170,000 visitors. Thanks to @USAirForce, @USNavy, @RoyalAirForceUK, @BritishArmy and many other international armed forces for showcasing Boeing aircraft and wowing the crowds with truly spectacular flying displays. @airtattoo complete!

Fueling the future! @EGYPTAIR has taken delivery of its fifth 787 . The new super-efficient jet was filled with for the 5,925 nautical-mile (10,973 kms) flight from Seattle to Cairo - the longest 787 delivery flight using sustainable fuel.

On July 20, 1969 at 10:56 p.m. ET, Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon. Buzz Aldrin became the second just minutes later. Boeing and its heritage companies are proud to have been there for every step – big and small.

At 9:32 a.m. ET on July 16, 1969, the five massive F-1 engines on the Boeing-built Saturn V first stage produced more than 7 million pounds of thrust, lifting Apollo 11 off the ground and out of Earth’s orbit. Next stop - the Moon.

to a week ago today when our first flight test airplane made its runway debut! Our teams performed a series of low-speed taxi tests, marking the first time this plane moved on its own power. This is one of many tests before the 777X takes to the skies.

Say hello to the UK’s first P-8A, freshly painted with @royalairforceuk livery. Looking good from all angles!

Paris Air Show / Salon aéronautique du Bourget

Au revoir, . Thank you for our spot on the tarmac. We appreciated the opportunity to share more about our products and services and to catch up with partners and competitors. We truly are building the future together. View our Air Show story or visit our bio like to see show highlights.

Paris Air Show / Salon aéronautique du Bourget

As we start our final day at , here's a moment to this time in 1969, when the 747 arrived at the 28th International Aeronautical and Space show in Paris, France for the first time. It flew 9 hours and 18 minutes from Seattle, Wash.

Paris Air Show / Salon aéronautique du Bourget

Some of the many faces at . Can you name them all?

The @AirTahitiNui 787-9 just took to the skies at . Check out this beautiful video of Boeing test pilots practicing the flying display.

Paris Air Show / Salon aéronautique du Bourget

Ever wonder what an air show is? Here's a glimpse of what to expect this week as we join our aerospace competitors and partners at the . Follow our stories for daily highlights.

After a four-day, 2,500-mile journey from Philadelphia to Mesa, the first CH-47F Block II prepares for its developmental flight test program. The will go farther and have heavier lift capability than ever before.

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