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Here to make fitness fun & colorful! Founder of @popflex_active, @poppilatesofficial, and @piit28official. DECODING THE INSTAGRAM BEAUTY STANDARD👙🤳🏻

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Oct 1. 10 PST. 🍁 The Blogilates will be ✨REVEALED✨and ready for sale! This is THE BEST planner we have EVER designed. I’m not kidding. If you don’t like it, girl, I don’t even know you. Because I think YOU WILL FALL IN ❤️ WITH IT!!! I obsessed and can’t wait for you to see it, open it, and basically die. It is THAT GOOD. Go check out @popflex_active because we just posted a super candid video responding to your reviews (bad and good) about the 2019 planner and how this year’s is gonna blow your mind!!!! 🤯 Who wants an unboxing???

Got a new bodysuit so I had to show you how cute it is! 👏 Photo 1: me trying to channel my inner ballerina. Photo 2: picking my cuz how do you not get s in a leotard?!??!??! Also, not gonna lie, love how my little 🍑 looks.

It’s your daily edition of “WHERE IS MY PHONE!???” brought to you by my non-functioning sensory organs. @blogicomics

Given all the controversy I got over being so open about my 90 day journey (where I work out and eat healthier to get in the fittest of my life), I can now understand why women don’t like to be open about getting plastic surgery, even though it’s their and their choice. The bad part about that is that girls don’t know what’s real or what’s they end up feeling bad for having features that are literally carved out by a medical professional. Features you can’t have unless you’re blessed by the genetic lottery or have a ton of $. Whether you believe in cosmetic surgery or not, we should all agree that we should not bring someone down for making a decision on their that shouldn’t affect us...But maybe that’s the problem. All our decisions end up influencing one matter how many followers we have. 🧐 Anyway, to see all my pre and post photoshopped pics from my “Instagram Beauty Standards” video, head over to my blog at 🤳🏻 🤳🏻Bio link.

Swipe to see how I got this “Instagram beauty standard” look. 👄 Step 1 (last slide): Crop top & gold jewelry. Step 2: Glam AF makeup & long nails. Step 3: Photoshop. 😉 Who’s watched my latest video “Decoding the Instagram Beauty Standard”? 🤳🏻 Once you watch, you’ll see exactly why my face looks like way it does here, and why many of the girls on your explore page look like this too. 📹 (bio link)

Guys, I just decoded the Instagram beauty standard!!! How? For 2 weeks I analyzed the top 100 most followed female Instagrammers and came up up with 22 attributes for each woman to be judged on. After a couple weeks of gathering and categorizing the data, I can tell you that there is most definitely an “ideal“ formula that the Top 100 adhere to. And that formula has become our current societal beauty standard. It’s eerie. If you want to hear my findings and have your mind blown to bits 🤯 , go watch my new YouTube video. 🎥 (bio link) BTW, what do you think of my Top 100 look? Maybe it’ll get me a ton of likes and followers!?!??? I hope so because that’s my job as an .

My past ED does not make me damaged forever. Sending love to all of you who are in your healing phase. ♥️ Full blog post at (bio link)

Another clue for tomorrow’s video. 💅🏻🤨 Today I’ll be editing ALL DAY. I hope I finish in time for Sunday’s release. 👩🏻‍💻 So far you guys have guessed that it might be a video about how I don’t like being called an influencer, the negative and positive sides of being an influencer, or how Disney princesses would act if they were influencers! Bonus clue - it’s none of those. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Keep guessing!!!

The week, performed in 5 slides....HAPPY FRIDAY! 🥳🥳🥳 @blogicomics

The Scott Resort

Saving seats for my friends like: 🙃 Here’s a quote for you to think about: "Real friends accept you for who you are while helping you become who you should be"...unless who you should be, could be...harmful. . Since starting the 90 day journey, I've lost followers and subscribers. Initially, I felt hurt and extremely frustrated that people were judging me, labeling me and diagnosing me in these long comments and huge debates. But now that some time has passed, I've been thinking that perhaps those people cared about me SO MUCH that they couldn't stand to see me harm see me relapse into another see me spiral out of they left. . If you're still with me and still reading the blogs, I think you can tell at this point that my original intention of getting in the best of my life physically AND mentally, has held strong this entire time. My mind is clear, I'm happier and more confident each day!! . But for those who already unfollowed, perhaps it is my fault for not creating a friendship with them where they felt like they could trust me fully - trust that I wouldn't enter this 90 day journey without diligent preparation. It's hard to get so intimate on the internet - but I've tried my best to be as transparent with you guys as possible. . I hope that those who have stuck with me the past 4 weeks can see the real me shining through again. 🌟 Real Cassey had been submerged under a sea of constant judgement over the past several years, so fearful of backlash that she didn't want to come out at all. But now she's unchained, free, and she WILL NOT be scared to speak her mind ever again! This is me, FULLY ALIVE. And it feels SO GOOD. . So, as @taylorswift would say: ☎️ "I'm sorry, the old Cassey can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because she's DEAD." ⚰️

Blogirella found her Prince Charming and her glass sneakers. 👸🏻 🤴🏼Another clue into Sunday’s video. Any guesses what it could be about? First clue is on my profile 2 posts ago.

The last time I had any definition in my abs was when I was eating 1000 calories a day and working out intensely 4 hours a day. I was hungry, mean, and LEAN - but with my ...everything. Maybe it’s not a lot to you, but to me - the fact that I even have these baby abs 4 weeks into my 90 day journey is crazy because my doesn’t change that easily. Its used to everything I do, so to me, THIS IS CRAZYYYYYY!!!! 😱😱😱😱 It’s working! I see definition in my shoulders first, but abs are literally the LAST place anything will happen. It’s incredible what this 90 day journey has done for me so far. I not counting calories, I’m full after every meal, I don’t have cravings, and I look forward to every workout because it brings me so much joy!!! SO MUCH ENERGY! ✨💪 My confidence and happiness levels have increased these past few weeks for sure. Blogging everyday has been incredibly therapeutic, and writing in my @popflex_active 12 Week Fit Journal has been so insightful for understanding what my positively and negatively reacts to. I feel so in charge of my . I’m not scared of the scale. I’m not scared of not pleasing people. And I love that this time, I get to get in the best of my life in MY WAY on MY TERMS. Weeeee!!!!!! 🎈✨ Oh btw these @popflex_active shorts are my fave for running because they have a secret pocket for my phone. Swipe to see! 👟 👟Link to get in bio.

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