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+ Wife of @ijesus_12 + Mama to Eliana + Occupational Therapist

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is 9 months old today!!! . . Crawling and cruising everywhere. Doing sit to stands and vice versa. Starting to open and close drawers and cabinets. Babbles alot, making different sounds. Loves “reading” books and starting to point at pictures. She now allows other familiar people (Papa and Abuela) to hold her even if I am around... for a few minutes 😅 Otherwise, still very clingy to Mama. Eliana, you continue to make Mama and Papa’s heart swell. We love you so much!!!

“We must clearly understand that when we give the child freedom and independence, we are giving freedom to a worker already braced for action, who cannot live without working and being active.” Eliana reporting to work. Happy Monday y’all!

Texas State Aquarium

We went to the Texas State Aquarium and Eliana enjoyed looking at the different sea animals, including this 🎶Baby Shark... do do do do... 🎶

Play time with Eliana

This cutie pie turned 8 months today!!! . . Although she prefers to walk assisted, is definitely crawling now. She is able to pull herself up to standing and starting to cruise around furniture. She is finally putting food in her mouth. She likes her fruits - mango, banana, oranges; her veggies - carrots; she likes bread and meat - chicken, liempo, kaldereta and bacon and she also likes pasta. She still gags but is learning how to chew and swallow. She is babbling different vowel and consonant combination - tata, dada, mama, baba... sometimes dadi, didi. . She still has stranger and separation anxiety. She is still very clingy to Mama... but she surprised us when she did not “distress cry” when she first met her Tio Rafa and Tia Nat. She also interacted with other people by smiling when I brought her to the museum two days ago. It is such a joy to watch you grow, Eliana. Mama and Papa love you so much!

The grass (in this case, flower) is greener (in this case, yellower) where you water it. 😊

The Market at Sawyer Yards

Decide what kind of life you actually want, and then say “no” to everything that isn’t that. Happy Sunday!

Abuela named these rubber duckies “robertito” 😂

Bath time can be good or bad with Ellie, but surely this rubber duckie lights her up.

Lately, this baby has been wanting to be assisted to standing so she can walk to whatever she wants to play with... but I put her on her tummy, so she can learn to crawl to her toys. Sorry, Eliana, you gotta learn to crawl first so you can walk efficiently. Take that literally and figuratively.

Ice cream is best paired with coffee and enjoyed with one of Eliana’s foxes. Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe it... is 7 months old today!!! . . She is doing downward dogs in an attempt to crawl. She is beginning to crawl forward and making steps to walk when supported. She is babbling a-lot, and have said “dada” instead of “mama” 🤨 She is putting everything in her mouth except food 😅 . . She is growing so fast. That is why I am enjoying and savoring everyday with her. Eliana, Mama and Dada love you so much!

We started putting food on Eliana’s plate to introduce her to solids. Her first food were steamed carrots, oranges and banana. Nothing went to her mouth... everything was either on the table, her chair, or on the floor. 😅😂 It was amusing to see her explore different textures with her hands though.

Happy 4th y’all! Hope y’all are having a great time. . Meanwhile, we are about to snooze til Eliana decides to poke our nose tomorrow to wake us up.

Truly, life is what you make it. ❤️❤️❤️

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