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When someone tries to sell me sweatpants without pockets......


The kindest sweetest man I’ve ever met. Honored to have been in his presence and forever inspired by him. @therealpeterlindbergh 💔 RIP

Photo credit - Dusty Levine 👼🏼


Honored to be part of @departuresmag 30th anniversary cover with @dereckjoubert talking about our LOVE for Africa and her animals. 🌍 @savetherhinonamibia @staskomarovski @specialprojectsmedia @cgonzalezbeauty @teddicranfordhair

Helping out some friends spreading important awareness - I’m a MOTHER LOVER. Because the US is the only country in the developed world with a rising maternal mortality rate and just because Women’s rights are human rights, I am joining @thefrankieshop and @the_mother_lovers in raising awareness of America’s maternal health crisis, and supporting the upcoming documentary @bornfreefilm 💗 Get your limited edition hand tie dyed t-shirt and show that you too !!

TODAY IS WORLD ELEPHANT DAY. I feel so blessed to have grown up with them around me, gentle, sensitive, smart and so strong. We can learn so much from them. On my latest trip back home to Namibia in search of a black rhino, we found this herd of dessert elephants and this was a rare and special sighting that even growing up in Namibia I’ve never seen the dessert elephant. Let’s fight this fight together. Go to @knotonmyplanet @elephantcrisisfund @worldelephantday and help. 💪🏼🐘 @wearewilderness


“This is some serious gourmet shit”

Here’s to the sleepless nights, bleeding nipples, crying, laughing, the highest of highs and lowest of lows and everything in between, i won’t change a single thing, being mom to Dusty and Gio keeps me strong, motivated and empowered. This is my thanks @kateupton for starting this. 💪🏼


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