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Run by John Kleinchester of @tworoadsbrewing. Original originator of the hashtag. Follow for awesome beer photos and tag for reposts!🍺🍻

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*glass break sound effect* Give me a Hell Yeah! I recently had the pleasure of meeting the founder of @esbcbrews and he shared with me this fantastic can of @steveaustinbsr Broken Skull IPA! I had this once before in bottle form back in December 2015 and I’m digging it even more now that it’s in a can!

Had some super tasty @oskarblues beers this weekend. The Steep Coast DIPA was especially good. Thanks to OB for the samples!

Welp, no doubt about it. @anchorbrewing Brewers Pale Ale is the perfect sunny day beer. Thanks to Anchor for the sample!

Beer with a Side of Apple.

“Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it” Starting today’s festivities right with @troegsbeer Raspberry Tart Ale!

Time flies when you’re aging beer. Recently popped this 2011 @dogfishhead 120 Minute. Incredibly drinkable for 8 years old and mighty tasty too.

Fun stuff going on over at @beerswithshim! Check it out if you haven’t already. @beerswithshim with @get_repost ・・・ Hey Instagram fam! I’ve got something fun you can participate in. I’d love to see some of you great photographers and beer lovers out there edit my photo! Swipe to see the unedited photo then hit the link in my bio to download a full high-res RAW file. Edit it however you’d like, then use the hashtag and tag me. In a few days or so I’ll share and repost some of your edits! This isn’t a contest or anything like that, just a way for us beer lovers to have fun! Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the arrival of @allagashbrewing White cans to CT. Such a fantastic beer to enjoy with friends outside this summer! ☀️ .. 📸 Sony A7iii Helios 44 M-4 f/2.0 f/2.0 - 1/125th - ISO 100

It’s been a little while since I’ve had some @victorybeer, but thanks to my friends over there that is about to change quite a bit! They were kind enough to provide me with some samples of their fantastic lineup, including their brand new which is pretty dang tasty. It’s a Belgian-Style Blonde Ale with Mango and I’m now wishing my pool opening was tomorrow because it would be great swim pairing! I also got the other two classic Monkeys as well as some other standbys as well (more posts coming soon). Follow the link in my bio for more info on Twisted Monkey and beyond!

For those of you in CA, you should check out this fest! @brewbiesfest takes place at @factionbrewing this Saturday and 100% of proceeds goes to @keepabreast! Drink for a good cause!

A little @troegsbeer paired with taco dinner tonight! Lollipop is their new DIPA and it’s quite tasty! Also on deck for dessert is their Boysenberry Tart Ale. Thanks to @troegsbeer for the samples! They did not however provide the succulent. BONUS: Swipe left to see Maya mad that I’m not sharing the Lollihop with her.

Randolph, New Jersey

Sometimes it’s okay to have a beer in the morning. Especially when it’s after completing the last workout in the @crossfit Open! A little old school classic @stonebrewing IPA is hitting the spot right now.

Two inches Of snow on Thursday Night. Four inches on Friday Night. Up to six inches tomorrow night. I need @oskarblues Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA to transport me to somewhere warm. Thanks to OB for the sample!

Happy New Year! I only want to open one for New Year’s Eve, but which one should it be? The @brooklynbrewery Black Ops is from 2010. I think the @foundersbrewing KBS is 2017. The @firestonewalker Abacus is from 2011.

A little @troegsbeer Blizzard of Hops is the perfect transition beer from Christmas to New Years!

Canned barrel-aged beer is still a bit of a rarity these days, although it is growing in popularity. Bourbon barrel-aged Scotch Ale though? Even more rare. This one from @mondaynight is absolutely delicious. I cracked it open, poured it and waited about 30 minutes to let it warm a bit. It made me want to cozy up by a fire. Scotch Ales are seemingly often overlooked as a style, but there are some great ones out there. Plus this one has a bow tie on it, so I know @mrjohnholl would approve. Thanks to Monday Night Brewing for the samples and Happy Holidays to all!

A little @aeronautbrewing King Louie in front of the tree last night. Thanks to the fine folks at Aeronaut for these samples. Not only are their beers delicious, but their design work is incredible as well. Definitely worth seeking out.

Santa Clarita, California

Any time a beer makes a reference to wrestling, I’m absolutely buying it. Luckily, this one was very tasty. @pacificplatebrewery Balanced Breakfast killing it with the parody.

Got an awesome little package from the fine folks over at @sixpoint! Can’t wait to delve into these.

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