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wisco | pcola business | biology dec '19 college grad | future leslie knope year of photos

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Fayetteville, North Carolina

. day 257 _________________ april ludgate to my leslie knope _ sometimes the most unflattering pictures hold the most value _ so sad to be leaving a sweet friend not sorry to say I won't be missing our cockroach encounters but I will miss all the laughs we got out of the moment •safe travels• __________________

Pembroke, North Carolina

. day 256 _______________ wedding day _ @elisemauterer it has been my honor being a part of your special day. you have been on of my greatest companions through college. wishing you the very best on your next adventure with @oki_raised love you girly pc: @ejschmidt_96 _____________________

San Jose Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

. day 255 _________________ no way, José _ excited to get this lady married tomorrow with the bride tribe! First, authentic mexican food and lots of girl talk swipe left for some hot tamales _________________

Pensacola Christian College

. day 253 _______________ where were you when it happened? _ I dont remember much since I was only 5 years old at the time, but I can remember being at my grandparent's house. I was sitting on their scratchy blue couch watching the tv blaring in the corner of the room. my grandma and grandpa stood in shock as the death of thousands unfolded on the live broadcast that shook the world. I remember asking my grandma what was wrong and only receiving a "shhhhh, be quiet"... overall, the memory is blurred but I will say that every 9/11 after was spent in prayer for the victims' families and documentaries being aired in the classroom. my school has made the effort to memorialize that tragic day by placing a flag for each life lost in the event. Never take for granted your life, freedom, or family. you never know what the future holds. _______________

Pensacola, Florida

. day 250 _________________ mood _ I've never felt so tired in my life. slept incredibly hard last night and took a 3 hour nap but still so. tired. _________________


. day 244 ________________ i wish to have a love as sweet as my parents the thing with the word love isnt what hollywood makes it out to be. its trust, forgiveness, understanding, laughter, disagreement, comfort, undeniable... to say I'm blessed with awesome parents is an understatement. it's hard to believe it's already been two weeks and we are now 101 days to graduation. thankful always. miss you both. ________________


. day 243 _________________ 4.5 years later and we are still as close as day one _ thankful for friends who stand the test of time and distance pc: @pearce_david _________________

Pensacola, Florida

. day 241 _________________ life update: made it through my first full week being back at school. I have struggled so much already. mentally primarily. if you know me, I overthink everything. this doesnt help my anxiety at. all. with this being my last semester of college, there are far more pressures that linger over your head than freshman year. unknowns. i like to take a look at my little plant when I'm feeling over whelmed... watching it grow in places that are less than ideal is motivating. I may not be, in my mind, in the most ideal place right now but I'm growing. much like my little plant. here's to another 104 days of being here. __________________

Maynard's Donut Co.

. day 240 __________________ doughnut know about you but all I see in these pictures are snacks _ thankful for my sweet friend for grabbing some sweets today __________________

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