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Natalie Migliarini 🥰Live your best BOOZE &TRAVEL life 🏆Influencer of the Year 🍹Cocktail Creator+📷+📽 🧳Scotland 💃Lifestyle, Recipes & Travel 👇

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Spending time with the Nolet Family over the past couple of days with @WorldClass has been AMAZING! I got to chat with Bob Nolet whom is the 11th generation of his family working on @KetelOne. Scroll along to see all the wonderful drinkable moments from our time Ketel One🥰 Photo 1-Me explaining to Bob my job 😂 Photo 2- The original Ketel 1 pot still at the distillery Photo 3- @Sembossy from Germany shopping for his market challenge Photo 4-The challenge begins on stage Carla Constanza from Chile makes her creation @peca.vendetta Photo 5- It's Ketel One Spritz Time Photo 6- @josemendesths from Portugal picks his herbs for the market challenge Photo 7-@borja_goikoetxea from Spain mixing up his cocktail @worldclassus @bobnolet

Y'all WORLD CLASS 2019 is here!🙌 I am super excited to follow the bartenders around on their journey starting at the Nolet Distillery in Rotterdam with @ketelone🍸 First up! The iconic windmill behind me is located on the property and is the biggest windmill of its kind in the world! Who wants a Ketel One Martini- the drink that started it all? 🍸🍸🍸🍸

Porto, Portugal

PORT Dreaming 🍷💫What a MAGICAL trip! Port is something I have wanted to learn more about forever and getting to visit during harvest was absolutely EPIC! Thank you @TaylorsPortWine, @CroftPort and @fonsecaport for giving us an AMAZING PORT experience from stomping grapes to swirling port in Porto and the Douro Valley! 🍷🍇💜 Have y'all had port in cocktails yet? . Photo Credit: @emily.cappiello

Melrose Market Studios

SEATTLE FAM!🍻 Come out this Thursday- Saturday to the Gold Lion Barbershop event w/ @ModeloUSA in Capitol Hill featuring Modelo Negra infused beer-tails by your girl💃 You know you want this Pacific Coast Paloma🍹This is going to be an EPIC event with bites, beats and all the surprises 🙌 Swipe to see full event details and RSVP using the link in my BIO! +

Excited to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with a @herradurateq Old Fashioned made with Reposado, Agave Nectar and Cherry & Coffee Bitters my favorite twist on a true classic!🥃 A couple of years ago when I was in Mexico I rode the Herradura Tequila Train (which I would HIGHLY recommend) and got to learn all about this tequila including that they have been operating since 1870 & are the most gold medal awarded tequila. Recipe: 2 parts Herradura Reposado 0.5 part Agave Nectar 3 dashes Cherry & Coffee Bitters 1 Lime Peel (garnish) Tell me your favorite TEQUILA Cocktail. +

Porto, Portugal

Sipping Port in Porto🍷 Excited to be in Portugal with @taylorsportwine, @croftport and @fonsecaport to learn all about this tasty liquid 🍇 Have y'all had Port before?

Weekend Vibes!🥃💃 I am currently obsessed with Bar Cart Bloody Mary Bars! I have stocked my bar cart with all the @MakersMark Bloody Mary fixins for my friends to make all their brunchy bourbon dreams come true.  See the recipe below: Maker’s Mark® Bloody Mary 🍅🥃 Ingredients: 1-1/2 parts Maker’s Mark Bourbon 4 parts tomato juice 1/4 part Cholula Hot Sauce 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce 2 dashes celery bitters 2 wedges lemon 1 tsp. salt/pepper/paprika mix Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker Shake then strain over ice into a glass Garnish with a lemon wedge, pickles, pickled okra and peppers *You can also multiply the recipe and mix in a pitcher for a group I am so excited to partner with @MakersMark to help promote their campaign, which is helping to clean up oceans and waterways around the world. Water is such an important part of the character of bourbon, and it was AMAZING to see this first hand when I visited @MakersMark a couple of years ago.

Tropical drinks are my fav but sometimes I enjoy having a Non-Alc version that isn’t just soda water!🍹 Introducing the "Chatting Bai the Cooler" made with Clementine Bai! @DrinkBai is a PERFECT option for celebrating while making healthier choices!🙌💃 Cheers Y’all! Click the link in my bio for the full recipe!

Lisbon, Portugal

Magical Lisbon🚊💃 I definitely got my exercise in with all the hills! I had fun taking this funicular up the hill and found the best place to have wine w/ a view🍷 This is the oldest funicular in Lisbon and opened in 1884. I was really hoping to make it to all the best spots in Lisbon but unfortunately I ran out of time. A lot of my travels consist of me working all day & most of the night which doesn't leave much room for touristy stuff but I am not complaining as I get to see life happen from the inside of a coffee shop with a different view than I am used to having! Cheers to Lisbon and I can't wait to show you more of PORTUGAL as I just arrived in Porto and this place is GORGEOUS!

Putting that cherry on top of my cocktail today!🍒 I made y’all one of my favorite cocktails, a @MakersMark sour with cherry and chamomile! 🥃🌼Who wants one? See the recipe below: Maker’s Mark® Cherry & Chamomile Sour Ingredients: 2 parts Maker's Mark® Bourbon 1 part cherry and Chamomile simple syrup ½ part lemon juice 1 egg white Cherry and fresh chamomile flowers Method: Add the first 4 ingredients to a shaker Shake then strain Shake ingredients again without ice Strain mixture into a glass Garnish cherry and chamomile flowers I am partnering with @MakersMark as they team up with United By Blue for their campaign, which helps clean up oceans and waterways around the world. Tag your @MakersMark cocktails and bottles with

Lisbon, Portugal

Views & Sparkling Rosé VIBES! HAPPY Sunday from Lisbon Y'all 💃💗🥂

Who wants a blueberry BOURBON cocktail?🥃 This is a twist on a Moscow Mule and perfect for Happy Hour, or Game Day! I am sharing all my favorite @makersmark cocktails to spread the word about the campaign, which is an initiative to clean up the world's oceans & waterways. See the recipe below: Maker’s Mark® Blueberry Mule  Ingredients: 1-1/2 parts Maker's Mark Bourbon ½ parts blueberry simple syrup ½ part lime juice Cold ginger beer Garnish with blueberries and lime twist Method: Add the first 3 ingredients to a shaker Shake then strain into a glass with crushed ice Fill to the top with ginger beer Lightly stir Garnish with blueberries and lime twist The campaign is very important to me as it is helping to fund water clean-ups all around the United States. Who has a favorite football team? Tell me below and your favorite game-day BOURBON cocktail!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Bitters Giveaway!🍹Super excited to partner with @HonestJohnBittersCo to giveaway 2 prize packages of products from their NEW APRICOT line🔥I used both the Apricot Bitters & Syrup in this “Honesty is the BEST Policy Cocktail” & they are DELISH! To enter: 1.Follow @HonestJohnBittersCo & @DentedBrickDistillery & @BeautifulBooze 💃 2.Like the post 🙌 3.Tag 2 friends that LOVE bitters🥰 Find the full recipe over on my blog- Link in my profile. See full contest rules in the comments below

New Orleans, Louisiana

TELL ALL PODCAST alert! 💃 Excited to be on the latest episode of Hospopreneurs hosted by @jimsesh talking about my Beautiful Booze Journey 🥃Check it OUT for some real talk! 🥰🤓 . . If you aren't familiar with Hospopreneurs Podcast it's a program interviewing hospitality entrepreneurs & the creative and innovative minds behind hospitality. The link is in my bio to access the podcast!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Got a little BOURBON summer tiki🍍number happening today made with one of my favs, @MakersMark to spread the word about the campaign which is an initiative to clean up the world’s oceans & waterways. To embrace summer I have mixed up a Tiki Mint Cooler. See the recipe below: Maker’s Mark® Summer Tiki Mint Cooler🍹🍍 Ingredients: 2 parts Maker’s Mark® 1 part mint simple syrup 1 part fresh lemon juice 1 part pineapple juice Soda water 2-3 dashes of aromatic bitters Mint sprig and pineapple frond Method: Combine first four ingredients and shake with ice Strain over fresh crushed ice in a Collins glass Top with soda water Dash with bitters Garnish with a mint sprig and pineapple frond Water is a very important part of the flavor of Maker's Mark. I recently learned that Maker’s Mark is the only distillery with its own water source & protected watershed. Have you had a tiki bourbon cocktail yet?

Bourbon Cocktails Y’all! Who is in? Excited to partner with @makersmark for their Campaign which is an initiative to clean up the world’s oceans & waterways. To show my love for bourbon I have mixed up a Strawberry Spritz to embrace the summer berries. See the recipe below: Summer Bourbon Spritzing Ingredients 1 1/2 parts Maker's Mark Bourbon 1 part Aperol® 3/4 parts freshly squeezed lemon juice Splash of strawberry simple syrup Prosecco Garnish with fresh strawberries Method 1. Fill a wine glass with ice and layer in Maker's Mark®, Aperol and syrup. 2. Top with Prosecco and garnish with fresh strawberries Water is an important part of the character of Maker’s Mark, which I saw firsthand when I visited a couple of years ago. They have a limestone shelf located at the distillery, which filters out iron from the water and then is used to make their bourbon. It is all about the water. Have you tasted Maker’s Mark Bourbon?

New Orleans, Louisiana

Who’s ready for a cocktail?🍹 Excited to partner with @MasterofMixes_ to create one of my favorite cocktails 👉 The Clover Club; featuring their Cocktail Essentials Simple Syrup! . Get Cocktail Inspiration by clicking the link in my profile.💗


That ANGO spray tho! 💃@lessismorgs is ABSOLUTELY killing the cocktail game at @curenola 🥰 Both of the cocktails she made me were some of the BEST cocktails I have EVER HAD! This is the Space Case which is a bitter sweet RUM SWIZZLE that combines grassy vegetal notes with bright grapefruit and subtle pineapple🍍....One word also describes it which is EPIC! Also- THANKS Y'ALL for giving me so many AMAZING recommendations for NOLA!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Excited to partner with @DrinkBlossomWater to create this Tropical Turkish Delight🍋🌹I am obsessed with floral vibes & flavors in my cocktails so I was so excited to use the Rose Lemon to make this cocktail! 💗 I love the versatility of drinking it straight or using it in cocktails to add a lovely floral flavor. Which flavor do you want to try? Tell me by number below! 1. Rose Lemon🌹🍋 2. Jasmine Plum💗 3. Geranium Pomegranate 🏵 4. Hibiscus Mango🌺 5. Lilac Grapefruit💜 Click the link in my bio for the full recipe!

Arnaud's & the French 75 Bar

One of my favorite bars on earth🌎👉 The French 75 Bar 🥂 @arnaudsnola! Do y'all have a favorite bar in NOLA? . . .

Austin, Texas

Chipping Away and trying to make THINGS happen for Beautiful Booze this week. 💃🥃🍹💎 I am making a place for myself at the table 👩‍💻 Excited to be on the Advisory Board of Nightclub & Bar and attending the annual meeting in Austin. What are y'all excited about this week? Tell me below 😁

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