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Professional Ballerina ✨ Entrepreneur ✨ Ballet Beautiful Founder ✨ Ballet-inspired online workouts.

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Weekend Prep ⚡️ Supermodel Inner Thigh Workout ⚡️ The ankle weight (I’m using 1llb on each side here, which feels shockingly heavy!) adds resistance and challenge for an even deeper burn! 🔥Keep the abs engaged, belly button to spine, and the knee stretched longed. If you haven’t tried our inner thigh workouts you will love how simple yet effective they are. No equipment needed and they take very little space. I could do these exercises EVERY DAY! And often do 🤪🥰💃🏽

Missing this skyline today and everyday since 9/11. On the morning of September 11, 2001 I was in Italy with New York City Ballet. All I wanted to do was rush back home to NYC. My cab ride back into the city from JFK when we were allowed to return to the US was the first time I saw firsthand the emptiness of our City without the Twin Towers. Today we honor and remember those lost.

Stream like a Supermodel ✨ 🖤 In celebration of our streaming Supermodel Workouts are now on sale! 3 days only! Link in bio ✨

Coming for the weekend like ✨💕🛍

Those moments when a dream begins.💫 It is an honor to foster and support the love of dance with the next generation of young dancers. I am blown away by how powerful these moments are as I am experiencing them (and reliving some of my own special memories!) with my babies! I took the girls shoe shopping last night for some VERY important footwear - their first real tap shoes! The entire process was so joyful. This is what dance is about. Movement. Freedom. Expression! Watching my loves try on the exact shoes I wore when I first danced as a kid took me all the way back to my childhood in the best way possible. When I went to check out and they asked me for my phone number I automatically gave them my childhood phone number lol. 🤣❤️ Not only did I have a ball with my daughters, I absolutely loved seeing the other young dancers in the store taking their first steps on this magical journey, from toddlers and little kids to college students trying on their first pair of ballet slippers. YES world!! Ballet is Beautiful and so are YOU. Let’s all spread that love of dance and keep the fire burning bright!! ❤️

Monday MOOD 💙 Abs Abs Abs! And don’t forget to 🤩

Fill my Heart with Song and let me Sing for ever more ❤️🎼🥂 12 years ago, tonight! 🍾Happy Anniversary, Baby ❤️

Mama L❤️VE ✨ Sharing 5 favorite prenatal exercises & stretches with @koraorganics today that Supermama and KORA Founder @mirandakerr loves too! Link in my stories plus a special code for KORA ❤️ Ballet Beautiful Fans 💕💕💕💕 Photo @yemchuk when lived in my belly 🎀

Babydoll does Ballet 💕🦄🎀 bebeeee

Help us help Lou!! We ❤️ this Broadway Baby! ❤️ Dear Friends, Today is donating half of all proceeds to the medical treatment and care of Lou Sullivan, a 6 year old tap-dance loving identical twin fighting the return of an extremely rare form of pediatric brain cancer. Lou was diagnosed as an infant and went on to spend 4 years cancer free. His amazing Mom @alexawilding is a dear friend and longtime Ballet Beauty. Lou is a fighter and a champion! Lou was recently re-diagnosed and is back in treatment in NYC while his family including his identical twin brother, West, live upstate. Lou is fighting hard to overcome this awful disease. Please help us support this Angel - every donation (of any size!), prayer and gesture of support makes a difference. Help spread the word about Lou’s brave battle and Go Fund Me (link in bio)! We love you Lou!! ❤️

Triceps 💪 One of my Summer workout goals has been to add tone and strength to my arms. I find that no that matter how many upper body exercises I do when I am breastfeeding, my arms retain some softness. This is healthy, normal and a completely magical stage in my life as a Woman and a Mom. I am grateful for it. I mention it because our bodies move through so many different physical, hormonal and emotional stages that impact how we look and feel. This is a beautiful part of life but sometimes when you don’t recognize your body it can be hard to love it and treat it with the love it deserves. ❤️ Those are usually the times in life when we need more love, not less! Who can relate? Ladies please remember this lesson and let’s all keep reminding each other. ❤️ I love breastfeeding my babes and that is so much more important to me than the shape/size of my arms/stomach/body. 💕 Now that I have fully weaned Baby Rosebud (my mommy heart still feels a little sad, weaning is not easy!) I have been focusing on using 2llb weights for extra burn. This workout is coming up in a few months on our site — I love the way that it connects my arms, core and legs and I hope you will too! 2 sets of 8, stretch and repeat on the other side. 🖤

Just wrapped this new Subscriber Custom Workout and my legs are 😱 All NEW Killer Cardio & so much more coming your way sooooon! 💪‼️PS I absolutely LOVE hearing from you guys what you are dreaming of in your @balletbeautifulfit playlists. Leave me a note below ! 💌

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