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Linda Parra

Mother, wife, dentist, business owner & straight up G (but mostly Elle & baby Ever’s mom) ❤️.

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@glammedupvegas posted this today as I’m running around town doing errands in zero makeup and gym clothes and of course running into every soul I know 🤦🏻‍♀️

Welcome home 💕 Ever picked this little @chanelofficial number out all by himself just because (the “just because” still to be determined 😂) I love the unexpected raspberry pink color 🤩

Elle can’t get enough of @whatsinmypursesurprise These lipglosses are her favorite to collect but she also loves all the other goodies including puzzle erasers, charms, & markers! Have fun collecting them all and filling up your purse 👛 click on that link in my bio to check out all the fun! @whatsinmypursesurprise

Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas

Before we headed out to watch Maluma! Had the best time but didn’t get to tell him he’s baby Ever’s father 😜

Wynn Encore

Every time I come to Vegas I have the pleasure of getting dolled up by the ladies of @glammedupvegas They have become my girlfriends and we have the best chats while they make me not look like I’ve been day drinking at the pool all day 😬😂 Today’s glam was extra glam, thank you Natalie & Elizabeth!

Wynn Encore

Vegas, the only place acceptable to dress up to attend the pool 😂

Wynn Encore

About last night and these shoes that murdered my feet 😫 but I had the time if my life Luis Miguel was amazing as always & J Balvin was 🙌🏼

This made my day, don’t even want to pop it 🍾 (didn’t think that was possible) cheers to 100k @ayana_meraz couldn’t do Instagram with out you 🤑😂 Thank you for the coolest gift ever!

Short girl, Long 🦵 File these under funeral/memorial/obituary options 💀😂 Hair/Makeup/Photo by @glowcollectivestudio dress @_reveboutique

This new haircut is giving this girl all kinds of new found confidence and I’m here for it 🙋🏻‍♀️

A colorful salad 🥗 is one of my favorite things to eat and and no Salad is complete with out a little crunch courtesy of @mrscubbisons croutons! They top off any salad and make it complete! This one is one of my favorites Kale/Broccoli/Brussel sprouts/Radicchio/Pepitas/Cranberries/Strawberries/Apple

All golden and $*%t ✨ I will leave behind fire obituary, funeral, & social media memorial pics! No one better post my dental school graduation certificate photo 😑 I wanna be remembered as 💃🏻🤣🤣🤣 💄@aviudadame 📸 @jesusalfonsocs both for @glowcollectivestudio and 👗 @_reveboutique

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