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Auggie, Querc, & Fiction

Auggie the Mutt 🐶, Querc the Border Terrier 🌳, Fiction the Border Collie 🎩

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🐶 + 🌳 = ❤️

5 weeks old and counting... 🎩

And the terrier too... 🦅

Zoom 🐶💨 Photo by Rich Knecht

Another puppy photo, just because

Four weeks old today 🐾 Meet Fiction

They may be crazy...

New kid in town... 🐾

Skidddddd... 🌊

Rosedale Park

Hot and tired after 4.5 miles at 9:30 am morning in 94% humidity. Instigating all the shenanigans in the yard again by 10:30 am. Meanwhile, I’m still sucking down water in the air conditioning.

Rosedale Park

His foot is still tender, so we ran in boots today. Bastard lost one, naturally, and hopefully I can find it tomorrow morning 🙄 He’s just happy to have the bandage off and be able to do stuff again!

Nyoom. 🐶💨

Just some foliage, nothing to see here people. 🌳

He’s itching to get back in the water... 🐾

✨ Teller 💫

Happy 4th of July ☀️ Anyone have any fun plans?

This boy is growing into a walking anatomy lesson... and let’s appreciate his awkward canter/trot, he has no clue what to do with his feet yet 🤣

Auggies soaking up every bit of Summer he can ☀️ Meanwhile, Querc and I say 95 is just a little too hot... 😓

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