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@wildhairhome is a firm believer that "as easy as it is to be inspired by others and to want to follow trends, the most classic look you can achieve is by creating what you love." We have to say we LOVE what she has done with her home. See the whole space via the link in our bio. (Image and Home: @wildhairhome).

@convo_pieces describes her style as mid-century meets 70's meets garden center and we think she nailed it. Who doesn't love a tasteful print of Beatles' lyrics next to a glorious MCM sofa in a room filled with plants? Click the link in our bio to see that and more in the rest of her space (Image and Home: @convo_pieces).

Simple perfection. (Via @mk.nordic).

We are of the mindset that a rug can make or break a space. If your rug is dirty it can cause your entire space to feel drab. Luckily, one of our writers @campbell_g, has an effective (and free) rug cleaning tip that she learned from her dad. Click the link in our bio to find out what it is! (Image: @lizcalka).

@tinyhousemama and her partner managed to transform a small, outdated dark bungalow into a stylish and functional family home. We are VERY envious of that fridge. See the rest of her space via the link in our bio. (Image: @laurenkolyn_studio).

In this family home, you’ll see that @thelearnerobserver has mastered the balance between having a beautiful house and having a functional house. “I may have white walls, but they get covered in crayons like everybody else’s,” she admits. See the rest of her space via the link in our bio. (Image: @craigkellmannphotography).

Cozy Sunday vibes. (via @reni_1977).

Your tiny powder room doesn't have to sacrifice style. Take a page out of this space's book and brighten up your small bathroom with floral wallpaper. Need more ideas? We have 49 more in the link in our bio. (Image: @lovemedophoto).

Note to self: matching your cabinets with your door is always a good idea. See the rest of this stunning space via the link in our bio. (Image and Home: @eeberger).

Studio living comes with a lot of perks, like saving money on rent and living closer to a city’s urban action. But it comes at a price, too—mainly having to sleep, eat, work and exist, all in one room. Those who use design wisely, however, can manage to make a studio feel…less studio-ish. Click the link in our bio to see five studio apartments that do just that—and how they pulled it off. (Image: @ellie.lillstrom, Home: @nette.moncada).

It would be pretty tricky to get work done at this adorable desk with such a chic bed right there... (via @homewithkelsey).

When we asked @carolineturnerinteriors for her best advice for renters she said, "My mom always says, “Don’t try to stuff an elephant into a pair of pants!” I was trained in school and learned on various jobs to really pay attention to proportions (furniture size, color choices, mix of pattern etc). I think this is a fatal flaw of most spaces when not done correctly." We'll certainly use that phrase again in the future. 🐘👖 Click the link in our bio to see her full space. (Image: @rachel_loewen).

Small, but mighty.💪(via @viktoria.dahlberg).

This home in Australia has a way with words. We can't get enough of all the plant-filled details throughout the space. Click the link in our bio for the full tour! (Home: @hallocameo, Image: @nataliejeffcott).

If you look at the "before" pictures of this kitchen it is hard to believe this bright, modern, marble-filled beauty was once so dark and drab. Click the link in our bio to read all about this total gut renovation. (Home: @bexmarie, Image: @bethanynauert).

It’s Thursday and we’re in an incendiary mood so we are posting a rainbow bookshelf that we love but that we know will anger a lot of you. 🌈😉 (via @beckbicks)

Our Real Estate Editor, @lizsteelman, said that this 132 year old Victorian is full of "all the things we love about homes," and we couldn't agree more. From the bright red range in the kitchen, to the walk in brick pantry, to the breathtaking staircase, we can't get enough of this tour. See the rest via the link in our bio. (Home: @bourbonbarbarella, Image: @deatonstreet).

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the chicest bath of them all? It makes sense that this Santa Monica home has a gorgeous bath set up - it belongs to Chelsea, the founder and CEO of online wellness boutique @rosebotanica. Click the link in our bio for the full tour. (Image: @tstoff).

We can't be-leaf how much we love this kitchen (via @roomandbolt_).

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