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Annie Atkins

Graphic design for film, games, and real life. Grand Budapest, Isle of Dogs, etc.

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Merrion Square Dublin, Ireland

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I’m clearing out my studio and I found this drawing from 1983, by my mother, Mary, in which I look just like my own kid does now. My mum used to draw every single day, I remember running around the house and when I passed her she’d say stand still there for a moment and I’d freeze and she’d try to capture my expression with just a few pencil strokes. She always said drawing was just practice, if you wanted to be any good at it you just had to put the time into it.

Dublin, Ireland

A screen print to commemorate the 100th year of the Liffey Swim, Dublin’s annual city river race. If you’re taking part or know someone who is, the prints will be available to buy from Damn Fine Print from August 1st. They’re limited edition and each one is signed. Also good for people who just like herons! My fave Dublin birds ❤️

Dublin, Ireland

I’m bringing my film graphics workshop to England this Autumn, if you’d like to join us in Bristol I hear it’s very nice there! You can read all about it and book a ticket from the link in my bio. We’ll be forging the first page of the manuscript Jane Eyre, learning how to cheat at hand lettering, and breaking down film scripts, among other things. Good for design graduates or commercial graphic designers who want to transfer their existing design skills to filmmaking 👍 ps. This is Mairead forging Marie Antoinette’s last letter, which is very sad, and I’ll write properly about that project soon! ❤️

Merrion Square

A workshop in graphic design for filmmaking with a really lovely group last weekend. I try to teach the students everything I’ve learnt over the past twelve years in the industry, but in two short days this isn’t *entirely* possible! So we focus mainly on (a) the confidence to try new hand-lettering and crafting techniques, and (b) how to fake it. (Most of what we make for film is pure cheating!) I’ll be hosting a summer workshop at the end of July in my studio in Dublin. If you’re a student and you’d like to join us I have two student spots available too for a discounted price. Link in bio ❤️

Concept drawing by @alan_lambert_artist for his film about the orphaned Inuit in New York, Minik. See my latest Instagram story for the whole story! And if you’d like to see this film get made, please consider donating to:

Tidy studio 🙏


Sand dunes in Harlech in North Wales


Beautiful Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Happy international women’s day! Celebratory postage stamp made by all of us at my studio: Ailsa Williams, Alan Lambert, and Mairead Lambert. (Not legal tender). Thank you @boysandgirlsltd for the invitation to contribute.

Gorgeous graphic props by workshop student @rachael.mccabe. These are packets of seeds for Ben, the gardener character in the novel The Secret Garden. I’ll be showcasing lots of student work from last year on my Insta Stories this week if you want to see more. I’ve also opened up booking for a workshop in my studio next month if you’d like to join us in Dublin! 🦉

This was my favourite prop to come out of my studio this year: Anne Frank’s diary, for an exhibition by the artist Simon Fujiwara. It’s a facsimile of her real diary and was made almost entirely by @maireadlambert who’s been working in my studio for almost a year now. I love her attention to detail, especially in the handwriting and the ageing of the paper. (When the prop arrived in Paris apparently the exhibition staff thought it was the real thing on loan to the gallery 👍). The lock and clasp were handmade by @ailsajw. The exhibition has been running since October and closes on January 6th, at the Lafayette Gallery at 9 rue du Plâtre in Paris.


Christmas visit to Wales ❤️

Happy Christmas everyone! It’s been such a busy year between one thing and another (we only managed to get our tree up yesterday!) and I know lots of workshop students have been sending photos of the beautiful graphic props you’ve been working on, I’m afraid I’ve fallen behind in showcasing these on Instagram. BUT I’ll be posting an end of year review on Stories over the holiday so do look out for an email from me with a little form to fill in if you’d like to have your work featured. It’s so great to get some time off now and catch up on things outside of the studio. I hope everyone’s enjoying the break ✨

Dublin, Ireland

One of my favourite moments this year was getting home from work early enough on Halloween to dress my kid up in a makeshift costume and watch him admiring himself in awe in the mirror. He still talks about it and seems to think we’ll all be dressing up on Christmas Day too?! Can’t wait for the holiday this year. I hope everybody gets a decent break ❤️

We made a new shopfront for the Hen’s Teeth design shop for Christmas! I know Christmas isn’t everyone’s favourite so there’s a dentist upstairs for the misers. Thank you to @wondersandsigns for painting the signs and to my studio assistants @ailsajw and @maireadlambert for all their hard work. @hensteethstore are also selling the Christmas cards I made for Focus Ireland. They’re on Fade Street if you want to pop in.

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