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💪 CEO / Creator @fitbodyapp 🔥 Shred, Tone, and Sculpt 💕 30 MIN WORKOUTS! 12 WEEK CHALLENGE starts Sept 2!! Use code FBG2019 for one month free! 👇👇👇

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“One day you’ll tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now, and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide.” One of you girls sent this to me this morning, and it couldn’t have come at a better time ❤️ I’ve never been one to sulk in my struggles. I do my best work under pressure and my struggles are what fuel my desire to succeed. But my struggles these days are that of a different breed. . I officially started the first step in my IVF journey with @scrcivf and @bheggfreezemd. I’ve done two days of injections, and they aren’t all that bad!! (Yet 😬) I’m passing the challenge baton onto you girls while I’m not able to work out for the next 2 weeks. You girls are going to have to work out extra hard for me since I can’t 😉 . I’m not gonna lie, I’ve felt a bit guilty not being able to join you girls in the next few weeks of the challenge, especially after I JUST got back into a great routine and have been feeling sooo good from the challenge and my workouts! But hey... this is life!! 🤷‍♀️ And this is exactly what it means to make this a lifestyle ❤️ . Yes, I’m going to miss 2 weeks of working out. But as soon as I’m in the clear, I’ll be right back to crushing my workouts and the challenge with you girls. And it WON’T be to work off any bloat or weight I gained. (Although I’ve heard the bloat from all the injections and the egg retrieval is going to be next level 😳) It will just be to get back to feeling great, feeling strong, energized and empowered from my workouts 🙌 . Hope you go crush your workout today (for me!!) and I’ll be cheering you girls on from the sidelines these next few weeks ☺️💕

My dog is broken 😂 (wait for the end). Anyone else have an oversize lap dog?? 🐶❤️

Stop trying to get your “highschool body” back. Or your pre-baby body. Our bodies are SUPPOSED to change! That doesn’t mean you can’t change your body, and that doesn’t mean wanting to change your body is a bad thing. You can want to change your body and love your body at the same time! . Seeing physical progress is empowering because it’s the physical manifestation of all of your hard work. But physical progress shouldn’t be limited to your waistline. And your waistline shouldn’t determine your happiness. I can guarantee if you prioritize performance related goals (strength + endurance) over aesthetic goals like your weight or clothing size, not only will you see your body change like you never thought possible, but you will also come to love and appreciate your body for what it can DO, not just what it looks like. . It’s a tricky topic because most people DO start a fitness journey to look good in a bikini. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good in a bikini (though I’d argue your body looks great in a bikini right now ). But so many women don’t understand just how much their body deserves to be loved and appreciated (at all stages!) until they go through their fitness journey. . Too many women miss out on years of self-love and confidence because society told them they needed to be a size 2, or weigh X number of pounds in order to be beautiful, desirable, or worthy of love. Well it’s time to say screw society. We define our own beauty and it’s not limited to our highschool or pre-baby bodies. Our bodies are beautiful in all stages of life. It has NOTHING to do with what our body looks like and it has everything to do with how we FEEL about them! How strong we feel. How empowered we feel. How confident we feel. . So if you needed a reminder, here it is. You are beautiful. Loved. Confident. Strong. Worthy. And so much more. Your body and society’s expectations of it does not define that. YOU do 🙌🙌🙌

This is going to LIGHT your legs on fire 🔥 not even sorry 😉 Tag a friend to do this with you!! . TONE LEGS + GLUTES CIRCUIT 💪 Iso Lunge Hold + Arnold Press: This is not only going to work your 🍑 but your core as well since it requires you to balance and stabilize through the Arnold Press movement. Do 8 reps on each side with at least 10 lbs! . 💪 1:3 Tempo Sumo Squats: What does 1:3 mean? The 1 means 1 second squatting down and the 3 means 3 seconds returning to the starting position. This is going to put additional tension and stress on your glutes, hamstrings and adductors (inner thighs) than what you’re used to. This is alll about slowing the movement down and really engaging each of those muscles. Do 10 reps with at least 15 lbs. . 💪 Side to Side Squat Jumps: If you think the first two moves are gonna light your quads on fire... just wait 😏 remember to squeeze your quads and glutes at the peak of the jump! Do 15 total squat jumps. Repeat 3x! . This would be 1/3 circuits in a complete @fitbodyapp Tone workout 🔥💪 . Get 1 month of @fitbodyapp FREE! Use code FBG2019 at checkout 💕

Breakfast for dinner anyone? 😍 What did you girls eat today?? Here’s what I had: . ❤️ Breakfast: 3 Egg Omelette with spinach. Side of oatmeal with cinnamon and 1 tsp honey ❤️ Snack: Protein shake, banana, Brazil nuts ❤️ Lunch: 100g beef (with taco seasoning, omg game changer 🤤) 200g sweet potato, veggie mix ❤️ Snack: Skyr yogurt (similar to Greek yogurt) ❤️ Dinner: haven’t eaten yet but I’m having 100g salmon, basmati white rice, and a side of veggies! ❤️ Then one more protein shake before bed to reach my protein needs for the day, and I’ll add a handful of nuts to get some good fats in there too 😉 . Remember food is fuel for your body! Especially when you’re working out and doing strength training or doing the challenge! 😉💪 . Join the 12 week challenge! Use code FBG2019 for one month free! 😍

“Let go of the expectation that if you work on yourself enough, you won’t struggle anymore. If you work on yourself enough, you’ll understand what the struggle is for.” 👏👏👏 . This is the truth. I often hear how hard your first workout is, and I want to tell you it will get easier, but it won’t... but YOU will get stronger. Remember, if it’s not challenging you, then it’s not changing you. . When I first started doing the challenge workouts a few weeks ago (since I filmed those videos in advanced for you girls 😉) my endurance was shot. I was SO out of breath after the first 2-3 moves. In some videos, I’ll even tell you that 😆 and this week as I’ve been doing the challenge with you, I’ve been shocked at how much my endurance and strength have improved in only a few weeks!! I would say I even notice a difference over last week! . So if you aren’t sure what the struggle is for just yet... if you are still feeling like the workouts are all sweat no reward.. KEEP GOING. You’re going to get so much stronger and faster before you know it!! TRUST ME WITH THIS!! I want you to feel how great it feels to struggle, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and succeed. It’s Monday and it’s a new week of our 12 week challenge!! I wanna know what time you’re working out today (or did you already finish?!) I’m gonna keep you accountable!! 😉 comment and let me know 🙌 . Join the 12 week challenge! Use code FBG2019 for one month free!

Puglia, Italy

Puglia ❤️ how I wish I was back here instead of laying in bed so sore I can’t laugh (abs) and so sore I can’t sit 😅 anyone else?? This challenge is killing me already! But girls, rest assured, this soreness won’t last forever. It’s totally normal to feel reaaally sore in the first week of a new routine, then the soreness will subside. Did you know being sore isn’t even an indicator of an effective workout?? 🤔 You can be perfectly NOT sore the day following an extremely effective workout. . However when you are sore, here are a few important tips to relieving that soreness: 1. Sleep ❤️ Your body repairs while you sleep. So cutting sleep means your body won’t fully repair or recover. 2. Rest ❤️ Different from sleep! Rest in this context means to allow your body and certain muscle groups to rest. You don’t want to work the same muscle groups two days in a row, so always space out the same muscle group at least every 2 days. 3. Protein intake ❤️ As I mentioned on my stories the other night, if you’re following my @fitbodyapp workouts, you need roughly 1g of protein per 1lb you weigh. 70% of you told me you’re not getting enough protein, so 70% of you aren’t properly recovering from your workouts and getting the progress you could be 4. Overall nutrition ❤️ while I’m not one that demands “clean” eating (I used to be! But then 80/20 😉) I will say, your body will recover much quicker when eating whole, natural foods vs junk food. I’ve experienced it firsthand and I was shocked how long it took my body to recover when I wasn’t fueling my body properly. 5. Epsom salt baths ❤️Soak in a bath with 1-2 cups Epsom salt for at least 12 minutes. 6. Foam roll and stretch ❤️ This will help promote blood flow to sore muscles which is important for recovery. I know lots of us have a love/hate relationship with foam rolling 😉 but I always feel so much better afterwards. . Those are my 6 top tips for how to alleviate sore muscles! ☺️ hope this helped! . Join the 12 week challenge and get 1 month of @fitbodyapp free! Use code FBG2019 at checkout 💕💪

Anyone else’s jaw drop? 🙋‍♀️😯👏 this is @watchashgetabs’ FBG + @fitbodyapp progress! She’s down 60 lbs and has gained a whole lotta muscle! 💪 . Don’t forget to send in your progress photos for our 12 week challenge! I’m going to keep you girls accountable!! 😉 It’s not about losing weight, it’s about gaining STRENGTH, feeling strong and empowered! I want you to see what can happen when you really commit yourself for at least 12 weeks, and give 👏 it 👏 your 👏 all. That means getting tough with yourself and saying no to those extra treats. I don’t want you to “try” to hit 80/20, you’re GONNA hit 80/20 😉 (if not 90/10!! But no more than that cause 100/0 ain’t no life worth living 😝) . I’m soooo pumped for these next 12 weeks and you girls are already KILLING it!! I wanna hear what you’re going to do different these next 12 weeks that’s going to contribute to your success. Comment below and let me know 😉💪 . Join the 12 week challenge and get your first month of @fitbodyapp FREE! 😍 Use code: FBG2019 at checkout

KILLER CORE 🔥☠️ You girls ready for Day 2 of our challenge tomorrow?! Get ready for a killer CORE workout! 😍💪 Don’t forget to email in your starting photos! 😉 (it’s not too late to join if you haven’t already!) . Here’s an example TONE Core Circuit, Tag a friend to do it with you! 🔥 Weighted Side Plank Dips: 10 reps each side 🔥 Snap Jump + Plank Dumbbell Shift: 10 rounds 🔥Cross Mountain Climbers: 10 reps each side Repeat 3x This would be one of three circuits in a complete Tone workout 😉 . Join the 12 week challenge and get your first month of @fitbodyapp FREE! 😍 Use code: FBG2019 at checkout

Preeeettty much 😅😅 Today is Day 1 of our 12 week challenge!! What week and program are you starting today?? I’m on week 13 Tone! 😁👙 . Join the 12 week challenge and get your first month of @fitbodyapp FREE! Use code FBG2019 at checkout 💕

“Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.” This was the quote I held onto early in my fitness journey. I hadn’t yet told my friends or family I had embarked on this journey because I was... a bit embarrassed about it. I was never the person growing up to be into fitness or eating healthy, and I was afraid people wouldn’t understand and would criticize or make fun of me. . I had no idea what I was doing, where to start, or who to turn to. I knew I was going to struggle, big time. Early on I decided I was okay with that, and I would share my story, struggles included, in hopes that it would help someone else starting on this journey which can be so incredibly intimidating. . If you feel intimidated or embarrassed, I get it. I was there, too. But if you’re not the tiniest bit nervous, scared or excited, then you’re not doing anything to change, learn or grow in life. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. . Our 12 week challenge starts tomorrow, and I’m going to push you, challenge you, and get you to go outside of that comfort zone, but you won’t be alone. You’ll have me and thousands of other doing the challenge with you. Are you in? Are you ready to make these next 12 weeks the best weeks of 2019 yet? If there’s even the slightest bit of a yes, if you’re still reading this, that means you’re ready. The “right” time will never come, which means the right time is always now. So let’s do this ☺️🙌 . Join the challenge and get your first month FREE! Use code: FBG2019 at checkout. Link is in my bio to join! 💕

Guess what... You’re not behind. It’s not too late. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Everything is unfolding. Don’t judge yourself or be hard on yourself about how long something is taking to happen. Be patient. Your time is coming. Just be thankful that you made it this far ☺️🙌 . Girls... I’m soooooo excited... another 3 month challenge is coming your way!!!! It starts on Sept 2nd and we’re going to finish this year off strong!! And guess what... for those of you who don’t yet have a @fitbodyapp membership, I’m giving you all A MONTH FREE!!! And there are so many GIVEAWAYS in this challenge too!! 😁 . Here’s how to join: 🎉 Step 1: Head to (link in my bio) and use code 👉FBG2019👈 at checkout to get one month free (if you’re really wanting to dedicate yourself to this challenge, choose the 3 month option!) 🎉 Step 2: Subscribe to my YouTube and turn notifications on because I’m posting DAILY videos for each body part through the week!! 🎉 Step 3: Enter the giveaway by taking your starting photos and email them to . THE GIVEAWAY 😁🏆 The person with the most impressive overall transformation (physical, mental AND emotional) will win: 🎉 a $500 gift card to the athleisure brand of your choice 🎉 A 1 year @fitbodyapp membership 🎉 FBG Swag 🎉 A 30 min Skype session with me!! . There are daily and weekly giveaways too, see YouTube for details! 😁 and guess what... I’m starting this off with a giveaway RIGHT NOW 😍 Tag 3 friends for each of you to win a $100 gift card to the athleisure brand of your choice!! . Are you excited?! Cause I’m soooo excited!!! Comment below and let me know if you’re in!! 😍🎉💪

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