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Mom, Wife, Motivational Coach, Fitness Evangelist, Speaker, @SoulCycle Master Instructor, @Nike Athlete

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Am I wrong that I want to be inspired by EVERY SINGLE THING I put in the new house? @chriswolston

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

What a great day with so many phenomenal young women!!!! Bravo @jpmorgan for setting the tone! Thank you @thasunda for your wisdom! @stephencurry30 @justtrain rockin with y’all today was epic! It’s always dope to hang with guys that value our young women 🖤 Let’s keep doin the work fam!

Los Angeles, California

As I’m preparing to move into our new house I find myself touching every single thing as to not bring anything over to the new house that is not needed! I came across a card that my dear friend @mellodyhobson sent me that had a Laird Hamilton quote on it, “Never Let Your Memories Be Bigger Than Your Dreams” I want to ask you... Are you still dreaming? Are you still reaching higher? Are you still striving for more? Are you still imagining a future brighter than your past? Or have you settled? How are you using your imagination today? Either your imagination is in agreement with all your life COULD and SHOULD be. OR your imagination is pulling you down a rabbit hole of fear, doubt, worry and limitations. Which has you obsessing over how awful something could be and killing your dreams. I want to encourage you today because, as I’m touching every piece of paper I’m coming across so many scrap papers of notes and declarations that I wrote down over the years... And what I’ve noticed is that this life I’m living now at one point was merely a figment of my imagination!!! Tag someone and encourage them to keep dreamin!!!!!!! Love y’all 🖤

Los Angeles, California

YO!!!! NE-YO!!!! In a season of New... for me it’s a new house, new schools for the boys, new opportunities... I realized we are open to receive the NEW when we’ve shown ourselves faithful to the old. Don’t be afraid to lean into the new, don’t turn away from it... I know the old feels good and it’s comfortable.... but the new is ‘SOOOO YOU’ it looks Good on You!!!! You will indeed thrive in this season of NEW... Enjoy 🖤

Los Angeles, California

After I taught a class for @oprah 60th Birthday.... I was asked, “can you do what you just did with no bikes for 15 minutes in front of 15,000 people?” Before I realized what I was saying, before I knew what that actually looked like, and without my minds permission my heart and body responded and I heard myself shout YESSSS!!!!!!! FAITH is an ACTION y’all!!! I dare you to move accordingly!!!!!! 🖤

Los Angeles, California

FEEL NO LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!! Today I taught about community and the importance of it. We can get to a place of LIMITLESS possibilities when we truly understand the value of community. 1. The foundation of community is built in the GIVING process NOT the taking. 2. Achieving your biggest Dream happens in community. We can accomplish so much more together than alone.

Los Angeles, California

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!! We love you so much!!!!! Thank you for covering us, thank you for protecting us, thank you for believing in us, thank you for guiding us. We love you Romey!!!!! @jeromedavis ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Los Angeles, California

Honestly it’s all just happening waaaayyyy too fast!!!!!!!!! 😭🖤

México, Tijuana

YES WE CAN!!!!!!! Show up! Be the change! Fight for humanity! Do our part! Love more freely! Give more generously! Stand up more boldly! Yesterday I got to answer the call and visit beautiful humans; honor them, love them, listen to their heartbreaking stories, and commit to do something!!! ✨ BRAVO to @yeswecanwf : the love in which you built this mobile school bus is everything ! Thank you for your goodness! @thisisabouthumanity I feel honored to partner with you as you continue to fight for these children and families seeking asylum . Your work is so imperative!!! Love you guys and every inspiring person I got to spend the day with! The call to action is for EVERYBODY!!!! 🙏🏾♥️📸: @valoriedarling

Los Angeles, California

Out here brunchin’ and conspiring to change the world with these extraordinary humans!!!! My prayer is that we all do what we can with what we have... TO BE THE CHANGE !!! Don’t just talk about it, BE ABOUT IT!!!! 🖤 @re__social 📸: @ashleyskywalker

Los Angeles, California

I read this question earlier this week and offered it up in class this morning.... Are you willing to let go of what’s tying you to a season in your life you’ve outgrown? ////////// I encourage you to answer yes.... your future self will be grateful 🖤 And if you are living in that “Yes” BE READY, NOW! ..... You are about to collide into a moment that unbeknownst to you has been created for you and is awaiting your arrival!!!! And because of the goodness of God it will feel like a sweet surprise... but it was always yours 🖤 Have a great weekend family!!!

Los Angeles, California

SO Grateful for my people!!! My ♥️ is full because they’re mine!! (Clearly my post workout fit indicates I wasn’t planning on jumping in the pool!)

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