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Mom. Wife to @joshuasnyder Lover of 🍩’s. Former Accountant.

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Kids are all playing together and getting along, there is football on, Josh made waffles this morning, we have no place to be this afternoon... these are my favorite kinds of days. ❤️ (And yes, those are my legs. I’m bendy.)

Soccer Saturday here we come! Tent, cooler fully loaded, chairs, snacks, fruit, sunscreen, blankets, spray bottle... did we forget anything??? 😬⚽️🥅

Tall Girl is out today on @netflix ! I play the Mamma to these two amazingly talented gals and I can’t wait for you to see them and the whole cast shine! This movie has all the feels! Laughs and tears and learning to love yourself! Go check it out! ❤️ @ava.michelle @sabrinacarpenter

Oreo loves her fancy box. 😼 Seriously, this is her happy face. Thx @bobaandvespa !

Aaaaah!! I get to work with my bff again! I am SO excited to share with you all that @msjennafischer and I are doing a podcast with @earwolf ! Our show, Office Ladies, combines two of my favorites things The Office and getting to hang out with my real life bff! They'll be lots of behind the scenes stories and lots of us just being bffs. Office Ladies will be available on Oct. 16th on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and anywhere you can download podcasts! 💃

My sister-in-law took this photo last night in NYC. I love you NY. Sending love to you all today.

A lil’ red carpet from last night’s premiere of for @netflix ! This cast is so amazing! And our director @nzingbling knocked it outta the park. I can’t wait for you all to see this movie! Streaming on 9/13 on @netflix ! 💃

Buckle in... it’s only Monday. 😉 (I got the dress at @anthropologie !)

Watching the @dallascowboys play with this crew... 🐈🐈🐶🐶🏈

They put blankets on our chairs and I feel seen. ❤️🌊

Lugged a tent through a parking lot, across a track, past a softball field and another soccer field to get to the field our team was playing on today. I’ll have a glass of rosé now please. 😬⚽️ 🥂

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