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Newest book: Find Momo Across Europe 🔎🐶

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Bruneau Dunes State Park

Dune it right. 🐪

Snake River

Full disclosure: I carried Momo to this rock because it was a bit of a tricky trek to get to. Spontaneous road trip to hold onto summer’s tail. You in?

Rock 101

A little off the cuff today but I’m gonna go ahead and share this photo of some rocks only. Just a series of rocks next to the water at sundown. I particularly liked the way the light bounced off some of the rocks. Sure, some of the smaller rocks could be considered “sand” and there is a spot of grass on the right in the water. But this, to me, is a moment I shared with some rocks I rather liked, and for that reason alone I’m sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy this picture of only rocks!

Fraser River

If you followed my story yesterday you’ll know how Momo ended up in this predicament! I walk down to this area often so Momo can swim. The tide is high twice daily. When it’s low there’s a secret sandy beach that opens up and Momo swims there instead. My absolute favourite thing about the tide coming and going twice a day is that it brings new logs and takes old ones. It deposits logs the size of cars up high onto the shore, logs that have escaped from logging tugboats. Every time I come down here, high or low tide, it’s a completely new story. New logs sit on, new sticks to throw. And it happens twice a day, every day. 🤯

Hannah Lake (sjö i Kanada, Ontario, Frontenac County)

I really don’t understand how Momo’s paws stay so clean.

Vancouver, British Columbia

I get nervous when I meet new people. I try to hide this, usually with an attempt at humour. But the minute I find out they have a dog – and more importantly, that their dog is dear to them – my perception changes. I can relate to them in a very real way. Wether they talk about their dog like they would a close friend, or they do something that inconveniences them for their dog’s sake, I know that their dog is valued, and that I can relate to them on something that I value. I’m seeking things that bring me joy, and witnessing this connection is one of them. That said, I‘d love to meet you and your dog, and take some portraits of you both, for you to have. If anyone in Vancouver is up for this, hit me up.

Today I discovered some unsettling news. My second book’s Amazon reviews are skewed. It seems that somehow, in the infinitely complex web of information, reviews from a completely unrelated book ended on the Amazon page for Find Momo Coast to Coast, our second book. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Luckily, the adult romance novel series “Fighter in Lingerie” by Penelope Sky is almost as wildly popular as (though slightly more risqué than) my own book series.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The good news however, is I can now claim these reviews as my own, so here are some of my new favourite official reviews for my book Find Momo Coast to Coast, which is still available wherever books are sold:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “EXPLOSIVE ADDICTIVE SERIES”⁣⁣ — R. DETORRIJOS⁣ ⁣ “Fiery Passionate All Consuming Desires!”⁣⁣ — Eternal-Love78⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ “It’s getting SO, SO, SO, SO hot in here…”⁣⁣ — Kim Hubbell

Lillooet, British Columbia

Find Momo at a fruit stand. PS. Try the peaches.

Typically I like to capture moments as they unfold rather than create a moment, but my friend showed me a vintage book called Puppies and I felt like recreating this shot of a cute little spaniel pup hiding behind a straw broom. I still used natural lighting, and Momo was too tall so I had to improvise with his trusty toy chest. Swipe to see the photo from the book, and the setup for the quick and dirty little shoot.

Nahatlatch Provincial Park & Protected Area

Spent a few days camping in the mountains. The water was so calm, I watched every lick of water ripple infinitely across the water.

Am I even a dog if I don’t wish you a happy national dog day?

Ruby Lake (sjö i Kanada, British Columbia, lat 49,72, long -123,99)

Just trying to stay afloat over here. ⁣ ⁣ I have two questions for you about social media: ⁣ What does it do for you?⁣ What do you want it to do for you in the future?

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