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The official account of @amc_tv's The Walking Dead.
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This is about more than survival.

TFW you're about to release the Negan. | 📷: @jeffreydeanmorgan

Survival brought them together... but will it tear them apart?

Friend or foe? Jerry is here to help!

New hair, same badass Queen. This incredible Carol drawing is thanks to @walkerfromvenus.

And now… the images you’ve all been asking for 👀

TWDxReveals is here with the latest video spot, END THE WORLD. Listen closely 🤫 and stay tuned next week for new reveals going into season 10!

Oh My Gamma! First look at the new Whisperer in , courtesy of Thora Birch.

This week's ASL lesson: Jobs in the apocalypse!

They survived the end of the world. Can they survive what's next? 🤫

Silence 👏 The 👏 Whispers 👏

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