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We fostered this boy from the incredible @dove_project and then couldn’t give him back . He’s a Jindo and is such a loving sweet boy . The name we got him with is SIMBA but we think he needs a new name . Any ideas for us ?

It is always such an honor when I get to interview women I admire, who share their brave and personal journeys on @theconversation Podcast . @lakebell is my guest this week and I’m deeply thankful she talked about how hard it was to recover from the extremely traumatic birth of her son and the depression that followed . We also talk about being kids from a divorced home and how that affects your relationship to marriage as well as how to overcome trust issues. Link in BIO ! @spotify

She Said is the story behind the story, that helped open the floodgates of sharing work place assault experiences for women ( and men and trans women and non-binary individuals) in an unprecedented way . @mega2e and my ever inspiring friend @jodikantor are the journalists behind the unforgettable @nytimes story that ended the tyranny of Hollywood . There are no words to express the gratitude that I personally have for these women and if NPR’s assessment is accurate “ this is a feminist version of All the Presidents Men “ then we are all in for an incredible read . Please pre-order at link in BIO.

Even though I champion the female gaze with all my heart , @therealpeterlindbergh ‘s gaze was unique and beautiful . He photographed older women with lines and wrinkles which he didn’t retouch out , women in suits , women without make up and messy hair . He allowed women to be whoever they were . In his images , I so often saw the imperfections of his subject but shown with such admiration and care . His incredible legacy of work is a true and lasting homage to his deep respect and love for womankind.

There is a lot of lip service towards “ women supporting women “ - But support is an action and this moment between @ naomiosaka and @ cocogauff is what true care and sisterhood looks like . A powerful reminder that there is room for all of us and even when you “ win “ it’s important to keep one hand out stretched to those behind you and one hand open to those in front of you . Video from @ellenpompeo

I’ve been going through all my photos and finding treasures like this one of @jenmeyerjewelry breastfeeding Ruby when she was a baby . to when you could still buy 4 x 5 Polaroid film .

@mary_frey ・・・ Dedicated Feminine Hygiene Voodoo Cabinet. Not all girls are so lucky to have the luxury of buying tampons and pads every month. Many young girls and women around the world go without these basic necessities every month during their periods. There are good non-profit organization that are providing women with these items - @pads4Girls @consiousperiod @corawomen @thepadproject .. are a few organizations who are joining the fight to educate girls on their periods and provide free kits to get them through their monthly periods with dignity and no fear. Please donate to these organization and others who provide these incredible services. All girls and women in need have the right to have these products for free . It’s a basic human right. Please add to the list - your organization of choice. Song by Electric light orchestra “evil women”.

I post this every year and it’s still true today ...

Hubby has a new album out @crxmusic Peek. Out Now. (link in Bio)

I’m going into a day where I need this reminder myself . Happy Thursday !

Hoax alert !!!

when was 19 years old and even then I didn’t brush my hair or wear any make up. Not much has changed except I don’t wear sequin jackets anymore, and my husband is now called Nick not John. And today I have 3 kids and live in LA not London . So , actually I guess a lot has changed . Except I still don’t wear much make up. ..

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