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American made w/ Cuban parts | motivator in movement | creator of community | writer of truths | 馃摡

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Sending extra love to all the women choosing themselves at any capacity. To those choosing to be legends over 鈥渓adies.鈥 Don鈥檛 you ever second guess that choice. 鈿★笍馃拵鈾狅笍

Ladies, NEVER engage with ANYONE who shames you about the nature of your body. The number one reason I respect and worked with @kelvingary because he is someone/coach to take people as they are. Surround yourself with people who do that. to me giving spark notes about the menstrual cycle to the OG 鈿★笍馃挭馃徎

You are the queen/king of hearts, an ace of spades, a jane of all trades, a dime a dozen. Babe, you are electricity- beautiful in motion + powerful to feel. Believe that. fiercely, fully, and unapologetically, yours 馃拵鈿★笍鈾狅笍馃挮 馃摳 @jeannnes

If the absence brings you peace you haven鈥檛 lost anything, sweets. 馃尮 馃摳 @photoherby

New York, New York

no one can knock down your pillars if you are the one who built their foundation. 鈥 Your pillars are those that won鈥檛 ever be for grabs because they weren鈥檛 build in a day- they are the strongest parts of your being. They took honest work and consistency to build. They took making the wrong turns over and over and over again, only to end up in the same place you started. They took starting from ground zero after you鈥檝e been gutted. They took a whole lot of acceptance and forgiveness to grow so secure that who ever was to comment on the blue print, really had no say on how you were to build yourself up. 鈥 May I forever be under construction only to be built stronger than the day before. Here鈥檚 to my unshakable truth, integrity, dignity, and respect. 馃摳 @fumiehoppe

Sweets, understand where you place your worth. Do you only feel worthy when you have accomplished something? When you begin to validate yourself through things outside of yourself, you will never feel 鈥済ood enough鈥 because you have displaced your value and worth into the hands of others. You need to believe and know, hand-to-heart, that you are dope as all hell without all that gratification. It sure does feel good to be recognized for your work, but the real come up is in silence. It鈥檚 the daily build-up, stacking brick by brick your foundations. So long as you make sure your actions reflect your values, no one else鈥檚 opinion will truly matter because you鈥檙e affirming yourself- the core of your being. 鉁

you didn鈥檛 break out of boxes to only be placed into more. 鈿★笍 Happy Monday, Sweets !

Coral Gables, Florida

I understand why men feel pressed to cut their hair every 2.5 seconds. There really is nothing like that fresh fade feeling 鈿★笍鈿★笍

I once had hair that reached my hips. Now I have a bald spot that rests on the left side of my head. 鈥 After my accident, I suffered three massive lacerations to my head and got them stapled. The combination of hair and blood, turned my long locks into dread locks and inevitably, unbeknownst to me, forced my nursing team to cut my hair. All of my lacerations healed, the hair grew back, except for this one. 鈥 I was once very self-conscious about it. Always felt I was somehow more 鈥淩aggedy Anne鈥 looking because of all of my scars. And I was so meticulous about covering this one on my head. Always, telling my hairdressers to be mindful on how they cut and style my hair. It鈥檚 exhausting constantly believing I have to conceal parts of me. 鈥 Now, I see it as a kiss of grace. Admittedly, there are still times I am compelled to hide it, but I remind myself that it鈥檚 all apart of my resilience, my healing, my survival. Now I am choosing to celebrate just how imperfect I am. 鉁 馃摳: @photoherby - - - - @behindthescars_ @strengthmarks

Who could we be if we would stop carrying the remains of who we were... What if you began to shed the layers that have only been dead weight? What if you began to get rid of the things you no longer needed? The things that no longer serve you, especially the things you should not take on. What if you liberated the things that let you go? What if you thanked all the things that had no room for the kindness in your heart? Leaving space for something else to fill. Really, its like packing rocks into a bag + setting on a journey. Even though my load is much lighter my rocks look like this: people pleaser. Perfectionist. Shy. Anxious. Gracious giver. Comfortable. Safe. Approval. Fear. (what I immediately think of) Do you see how packing these things only make my navigation harder? It's like standing at the top of a mountain + missing the view because all I see is the rock I am holding onto. While I've shed so many layers of my dead weight, I still carry pieces I've found hard to get rid of + thats ok. I always revert back to this: Will I sacrifice who I can be for who I have always been? That's when I know I am merely sacrificing what I can do for what I have always done. I won't have that sweets + neither should you. Turn those rocks into beautiful stone. 鉁煉 馃摳: @photoherby

Sometimes you gotta approach the BS with grace and turn your head to what no longer will move you forward. You鈥檙e not a game. You鈥檙e not something to be toyed with. B, you betta werk! 鈿★笍鈿★笍

whether it鈥檚 been 2 seconds or 20 years, quantity can never measure up to quality. I鈥檓 not sure if there鈥檚 truly a way to calculate impact, but people tend to be a very important part of the equation. Thank you for inspiring me in more ways than I could ever count. 鉁

Things I wish I could put on a resume: 鈥 Strong knack for responding to dumb questions with sarcastic answers all while looking innocent doing it. 馃拝馃徎馃拋馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 馃摳 @photoherby

I鈥檓 not sure that our futures care too much about our pasts, but if we know anything about history, we know that it is contingent. Contingent upon the people living in the present- who shape its arc over time, we are the ones who bend it. Which is why we need to fully and thoroughly understand the implications of both our words and actions and at the very least, take accountability for there consequences. Take pause in your reactionary mode. Take a leap into your kindness.

some people want to chess piece you into who THEY think YOU are, but the key to winning is knowing that it isn鈥檛 your bag to carry or your business to clear up. 鈥 When you鈥檙e focusing on your grass you don鈥檛 even think about the grass being greener elsewhere; you鈥檙e focused on staying in your lane attending to the roots you will continue to grow from. 馃尡

well, well, well, if it isn鈥檛 another tall, dark, and beautiful red flag. 馃毄

safety first, this hurricane/holiday weekend. 鈿★笍

today鈥檚 word is as simple as that. Some of y鈥檃ll want to cheat and manipulate your way into things you have no idea you can handle because you never took the time to understand the work it takes for it to function. The biggest life hack is the work-whether it鈥檚 smarter, not harder, or both smarter AND harder. Don鈥檛 cheat yourself into thinking you鈥檒l get anywhere, passively.

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