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Shanghai, China

💎Tiffany&Co “Vision & Virtuosity” Exhibition - Celebrating 180Years🖤Thank Uuuu🧛🏾‍♀️ All💎’s @tiffanyandco @danielleguizio @alyxstudio @martineali & @fenty

Shanghai, China

Back In Shanghai🖤 @TiffanyandCo getting fitted to celebrate their first exhibition “Vision & Virtuosity”💎💎💎

Brooklyn, New York

Echkaus Latta Show🍭 In Vintage @Dior Bra & Belt @Fenty Sunglasses @MartineAli Bag @Frankiecollective Levi’s Set & AJV Lows

Overthrow New York

“Get It Together” Episode 5 Kapital & of course Evisu to match my @Vashtie 2’s 💜🙏🏽📷 @edwinortizjr

New York, New York

It wasn’t long ago when you had to download the BAPE site that I tried sneaking on, for the first time in class. Blogs like NikeTalk, sites like karmaloop were poppin’... THEN there were those Fly Girls who started it all! Through my internet searches I found @Vashtie, a girl I instantly knew was someone I aspired to be like😍A Creative Director, DJ, and the FIRST woman to have a @Jumpman23 collaboration in 2010!🙏🏽 I was just graduating high school that year and headed to Chicago for college - the same place I discovered her shoe🖤On my new episode of “Get It Together”, for the first time, I talk with the GOAT about her journey in creating the space for women like me🖤UNREAL.Blessed.Thank You @Vashtie @Complex @Sancheeezy 🙌🏽😭💎 LINK IN STORIES & HIGHLIGHTSSSS

Park Avenue Armory

🖤Marc SS20 Show in @MarcJacobs 🧛🏾‍♀️Fangs by the OG @gabbyelanjewelry makeup @whitneymatija, @area jewelry & fav boots right now @chanelofficial

New York, New York

🖤🧛🏾‍♀️ Sies Marjan Show


50 Varick Street

💕🧛🏾‍♀️ For Area Show, always my favvvv @Area headpiece & boots top & pants Makeup @whitneymatija


🖤🧛🏾‍♀️SS20 @HELMUTLANG SHOW In @Chanelofficial Glasses Bag & Boot Helmut Vest Bra & Skirt

The Society Management

🖤 family visits @thesocietynyc updating digitals @marykangphoto fashion month let’s gooo

Downtown Los Angeles

“Get It Together” Ep4 features @JerryLorenzo of @FearofGod, a person I’ve seen grown from his first account @424inc on Fairfax (where I worked at the time) to a partnership with global powerhouses like @Nike. We talk about his process & LA Luxury, and the importance of teamwork and family🙏🏽 LINK IN STORIESSS Dir. @sancheeezy @kpeezie @kameron_depaul @complex

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