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✖️Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. ✖️1+1 Coaching ✨ ✖️Health Hub Ambassador. ✖️Gratitude Gangster.

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Been a long time coming but I finally got back to doing what I love most and that is writing my blog posts. My blog is my baby because it is the place where I have been most vulnerable and able to write out how I am feeling internally and finding an understanding to what is going on within through my writing. ✨ One feeling I have felt in the last few weeks has been freedom and this is because instead of running from my pain or past stories I have finally sat down with the uncomfortable feelings and pain that I have escaped for many years. ✨ I am so excited to share freedom comes from within which is now Live on the (link in bio) ✌🏼🌵 Happy Friday beauties! X

One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was collaborating my biz with The Gratitude Gang. I honestly had no idea what to expect when opening the door to this opportunity, but what I can say is it has been so much more then I ever expected and I am extremely grateful to be part of such an amazing and epic company that is all about personal growth and helping one another into being the best version of themselves daily through Health and Wellbeing. ✨ Not only am I creating and building a future life on my own terms through this biz, but the connections I am making with some incredible souls and the amount of self development I experience daily is something I would never ever get from any other job in this world. ✨ . ✨ Through the Gratitude Gang I have become stronger, more confident and learnt to kick fear and my BS stories in the arse and instead to step fully Into my power. ✨ . ✨✨ If you have been curious about what we do in the Gang, if you are someone who is ready to experience more, create a life on your own terms, to leave the typical 9-5 and work from anywhere in the world through social media, wanting to make an impact through the health and wellbeing industry, but most importantly link arms with an amazing bunch of incredible souls who uplift and cheer one another along the way then now is your time! ✨ Stop waiting and ask yourself what if? What if this is what you have been looking for all along! ✨✨ Comment Gang below and I will send you a DM with more info. x

If anything this is something I constantly did when I was growing up and still do at times. ✨ . ✨✨ I was constantly wishing to be older when I was 14 and would try to change certain patterns and behaviours to act as if I was older do others would take me seriously. I was never happy with my age or where I was in the present moment. I had this idea in my head that when I was in my 20’s I would be happy cause I would be free, but the truth is the more I kept focusing on the future instead of being in the present, I lost some of the most important moments of my life. ✨✨ . When we focus on things we don’t have we forget about the things we do have and instead don’t realise how far and how much goodness and joy is in the present. ✨ ✨ We live in a world where we believe when we finish that uni degree we will be free, when we have that well paid job we will be successful, when we are married and have that big house and everything is perfect we then will be happy and successful but the truth is you can have it all but if you don’t internally love yourself or happy with where you are in each present moment then all of it will mean nothing. ✨ ✨ ✨ It’s not about having the perfect image or perfect life because even when you get it you will still crave and want more. As soon as we master the relationship of ourselves, realise happiness comes from the smallest and simple moments the whole ball game changes. ✨ ✨ This is why gratitude is sooooo important in my life. My journey is constantly unfolding in ways I did not expect, I constantly put a pressure on myself for where I should be and where I am. If you asked anyone who knows me I hate being called my age because I believe it’s just a number and through my experience I feel so much older due to what I have seen and the cards I have been dealt with. However cause of this mentality it stopped me from loving myself at this present moment, it stopped me from living my age and for being grateful for the amazing things I do have in my life right now. ✨✨ (Continued in comments).

Wholefood goodness 🍇 Every single day I am making sure to Fuel my body with the nutrients it needs so I can show up as my best self daily. Ever since finding a wholefood product that has over 30+ fruit and veg (with nothing else added) my body has been thanking me!!!!! . From having this wholefood goodness daily I have no more period pain, bloating, acne cleared, no more colds or flu’s, stronger hair + nails, energy increased, no more 3pm slump and my anxiety has reduced. I mean how crazy is that!!!!!!! And just from fruits and veg! 🙉 . If you are curious and want to know more about the whole foods I take daily, comment your fav emoji below and I’ll let you know more! x

Miss Marmalade

What a great morning spent with the Melbourne Gang (SERIOUSLY MISSED THEM) ✌🏼 . Grateful to be apart of a biz that gives me freedom to work from anywhere in the 🌍, connect with amazing souls and get to call having a coffee or wine my job 😍 . Bring on Game Plan in the Gold Coast with the gangsters in November! 💃🏽✌🏼 . If you have been curious about the gang, ready to take a leap of faith and create the life you want on your own terms, if you have a passion for health and well-being then the Gang is for you! Comment GANG below and I’ll send you a dm with more info about what we do! x

A Mother & Daughter relationship is something you can never break no matter what and I am truly grateful for this last week spent with my mum. ✨✨✨ I’ll be completely honest my relationship with mum has been extremely tough, especially the last few years. I blamed my mum for all the pain that I experienced when I was a kid, I especially resented her for stopping me from having a relationship with my father or knowing the truth about what happened to me when I was a kid. ✨✨ . ✨ As I have gotten older and now being able to open up, learn more about my childhood and pain I am learning my mum did the best she could as a single parent. We all have our own stories and mine was filled with a hell lot of colour but honestly I wouldn’t change it at all because it has made me who I am, but most of all teach me more about my strengths and self. ✨ . ✨ Instead of resenting my pain I am only embracing it and becoming grateful for what it is teaching me… I still have a lot to learn from it and my journey with healing my past trauma is just beginning, but I am thankful for what it is teaching me and how it’s bringing me closer with my mum & family. I love you mum for everything, you are one strong woman. 💛💛💛💛

This is your journey and no one else’s...Know that everything that is happening to you is actually happening for you. You always have a choice and you are the captain of your own ship! ✨ Don’t ever fear pain or even allow fear of change to stop you from following your heart. Pain brings our greatest teachings, but only if we allow ourselves to actually sit and listen to it. You would be amazed at how much strength and courage comes from learning to sit with the hot loneliness and following your soul on the path it’s leading you too. .. This is your time, don’t let fear or pain stop you from reaching your potential and creating the life you have always desired. ☺️🌴🦋

THE GRATITUDE GANG IS HIRING and now is your time to join! 🙋🏼‍♀️ . If you would love to work from your phone, making an impact and income from anywhere in the world, to be surrounded by a supportive & loving bunch of women who cheer you along the whole way - this is your sign! . Stop waiting and ask yourself what If? What if this is what you’ve been looking for all along? . Comment GANG if you want to know more! ✌🏼 x

Because really it’s about learning to dance with your darkness and being grateful for what it is trying to teach you ✨

St Pauls Beach

Sunday strolls with the gals 👯‍♀️

Sorrento, Victoria, Australia

Galssss weekend away with Cosmos and the Bestie of 18 years and STILL nothing has changed between us. SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU EM 🖤

It’s okay things didn’t work out the way you expected or planned, it’s okay that you aren’t where you thought you would be by now, it’s okay that you are still finding yourself. .. Everything that is happening is happening for you and not against you. It might not make any sense right now, it might be daunting being in the unknown not knowing what comes next, but know you are on the right path. . Keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep choosing yourself and love yourself for how far you have come. Everything you experience is only making you stronger and you should be extremely proud of how far you have come, even if it’s not where you expected you would be. .. This is your time and anything is possible now, just trust yourself and your path. You got this. x ✨✨✨

Brand new week and and this one is looking like a big one! . .. ✨ Starting the day working from bed with a delicious cup of coffee, finishing off my brand new coaching series called Finding You, setting new intentions for the week ahead and holding a grateful heart for everything that has brought me to today. . ✨ .. Life can sometimes feel as if it is unfair and heavy, but know that everything you are experiencing and feeling is only making you that much stronger. You are never alone and the fact that you keep showing up and putting one foot in front of the other speaks a lot of truth about how courageous and strong you are. . ✨✨ .. You are the one who is in control of your life, you are the captain of your ship and it is up to you what direction you want to take next. This is your time and its time to step into your power and your light, stop allowing outside influences or noise to stop you from following your heart. Trust your journey and trust your soul. . . ✨ Happy Monday, lets make this week a magical one. ✨

We can never runaway from pain and even when we try to blind fold it, it will always catch up with us unless we allow ourselves to truly sit with it. Sometimes it can feel easier to repress or suppress our feelings or pain instead of actually allowing ourself to completely feel and understand what our pain is trying to teach us. . Personally this has been the season of surrender and letting go and one thing I am learning is when we let go or part ways we will find our hot loneliness will creep in and sometimes by letting go a lot more pain and uncomfortable feelings creep in and instead of sitting with it we will go back to that toxic relationship or experience because it will numb that hole that is open when we are completely alone. ... The more we repress, the more triggers we will experience in our life as we get older. If we instead realise that the pain or uncomfortable feelings that are rising are here to teach us and help us grow, then we will notice the sensation of the pain will become lighter and in time we become free from all internal hurt and suffering. .... When we surrender & become ok with what is, we begin to learn that we are not our feelings, that the real “you” is only witnessing them. .... So I ask you, what are you holding onto? What trauma and pain have you been running from? The only way to ever become free is to completely surrender and sit with our pain that is rising within. x✨

No better way to spend the day then taking your work to the beach ✌🏼 Seriously grateful that my job allows me to work from anywhere at anytime! 🌊🌞

Trigg Beach

Grateful for this last week 💙 What are you grateful for? x

Never be ashamed of how much you can love or what you do for love, even when it doesn’t work out the way you planned because your love that you have put out to the world has only taught you more about who you are and what you are capable of. Every single person comes into your life for a greater reason and even though they may be small or big encounters, they are here to teach you and help you grow more into the human you are born to be. I don’t believe in mistakes and there has been times I wished I did things differently, but if I had chosen that path I wouldn’t be where I am today but most of all who I am today. All my lessons have only made me stronger and learn more about who I am and what it is I do want from this life. . Don’t hold regret and instead look at every moment of your life with gratitude because it brought you here to this moment and who knows what can come next, you deserve the world, we all do.. ✨

North Beach, Western Australia, Australia

Grabbed my laptop, journal, car keys and here I am writing away at the early hours of morning with this beauty. Talk about starting your morning RIGHT! 🌊🌊🌊

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