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Overshare thankful AF part 3: we are now 2 days until @steirischerherbst

As I keep looking through material and reflecting at Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel and Sonja Khalecallon’s tale and actual history, I wonder if I’ll ever exactly be able to put this massive series into full perspective. ⁣ ⁣Immediately after I wrote the lil text yesterday and posted those images, I was flooded with more memories and other layers of this work. There was the audio piece released as an album with @crammeddiscs in 2010, this was its entry into the world. Then there was parasitising the press piggy backing onto “Cibelle” interview appointments dropping Sonja Khalecallon Products for a Better Life and other speculative retro futuristic fictions within the promo editorials. ⁣ ⁣Then there was “touring” instrumentalizing music industry and creating tableau vivants in music venues and museums alike, broadcasting temporary autonomous zones from the stage in full chaos with @lasharkband or @do_amor. When I couldn’t have them with Sonja, there was the Sonjaraoke performance. ⁣ ⁣Sonja sometimes also shows up in friend’s pieces to parasitise a little bit like when it happed at @lesliekulesh ’s appearance at LuckyPdF and @autoitalialive , and @shoplifterart ’s instal like i said in the previous post. ⁣ ⁣Most recently she was my dancing avatar for @digi.gxl at @nightembassy. She works hard and makes me think about everything we put onto that which we call “the feminine”. It’s nearly time I go do the first instal run at the test venue, watch out for the insta stories overshare @steirischerherbst ❤️ full video in bio ❤️

Volkshaus Graz

Pardon the recent overshare in the insta stories. It’s just such a joy to be able to afford the space and time to work on these immense pieces. These large scale paintings make up the walls and floors of Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel, where Sonja Khalecallon lives and works. Sonja is my femme/drag/alter-ego and she is also just “a Feeling”. It gives me great joy to be able to every year, weirdly enough every September exactly, to be invited to download a slice of Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel in this current earthly timeline and have Sonja Khalecallon sing and rant about a thing or two on how this humanity is going down, or up, depending on the angle. This year @steirischerherbst is where I download, curated by Ekaterina Degot for Grand Hotel Abyss, I’m so thankful for this invitation ❤️ Today I got one floor piece done, thankfully my friends at my old gallery @mendeswooddm have been so kind to send over the pieces that made up the walls and floors in the installation at @miamiartbasel 2014. Also thanks to Daria Khan at @mimosahouselondon for keeping the floors and walls safe for this year’s charge up, big love to @latviancentre4contemporaryart @lace.inga @solvitakrese and @angelsmiralda, last year was fab ❤️ last but not least, thank you @shoplifterart for receiving Sonja Khalecallon in your hairy womb Nervescape at Clocktower Gallery NYC back in 2012. I love how these materials stay with me through time accumulating the experiences of each time Las Venus is brought about and every moment spent in the installation. I’m forever grateful for every opportunity to do this and love out the chaos and catharsis that Sonja Khalecallon brings before, during and after the performance. See you at Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel on the 19th of September, at Congress Graz 7pm ❤️ and if you can’t come over physically you can always listen to Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel, the album installation. It was released by Crammed Discs in 2010 and is all over Spotify under the albums by “Cibelle”. You can access Sonja Khalecallon’s Products for a Better Life through Abravana Gosmic Shopping Show on YouTube from the very first instal at @melissaoficial 2010 ❤️🌸❤️ Sonja Loves You! .

This weekend digi-gxl berlin + co.quo kick off LIMINAL at @nightembassy with a full programe of club nights, panels, workshops and art 🔥 read all about it on @id_germany 🔥 link in bio 🔥 @digigal.collective @digi_gal pic by @lauraschaefffer with big thanks to @mariekefischer_

—— 📚3pm - Suspended Power Panel Discussion with these legends @princessjazmin_art @aevtarperform @agf_hydra @sabrinamumtazhasan moderated by @hervisions_ founder @zaibajabbar ‘What constitutes a shared experience? what is collaboration in a digital space? How does repurposing the pejorative language of digital colonisation affect the democratisation of new methods of broadcasting in new media art ? TODAY 3pm at ARCADE EAST, Mare st, LONDON

London, United Kingdom

LONDON ❤️ I have a few spots to hold @innerbotanicals tattoo sessions and bring your lil fren up to the skin on 18th/19th of AUGUST at @newlanguage_ 🌸 here are some of the most recent encounters we’ve had and they fill me happiness for the time together and the beautiful lil frens that have come up in the process 🌱 DM if you’d like to come get a lil fren and feel free to share 💞 and follow on @innerbotanicals for the archive 🌱 . .

Since opening the door to being able to operate in AR in such a democratic way., it’s been beautiful times. To be able to, through AR filters, do a small step that helps give voice to ppl in need of visibility, to put out there tools for brain hacking for thriving in uplifting self esteem. To be silly in exploration of our understating of beauty, to re-signification of tattoo culture in its queering and riddance of toxic masculinity with the aid of @tato_coco and @bigboy.247 ‘s tattoo works. Having filters that help us mix our features with each other in the hopes that it helps find our similarity rather that difference yet still be in knowledge of absolute individual uniqueness in being. In AR/VR, so then, XR we get a chance with extra tools to help shape the reality we wanna live in. By the animation of ourselves as digital avatars, the joy of connection in community, the challenges to stay centered amidst a sea of information and a flux of identity pulsating ever faster. I’m sure we can all catch our breath if we just let go a little bit and enter a more 360 perception. I’m delving more into portals as much as this platform capabilities allows me and am giving my first true VR steps. AR portals are just a beginning for so much I can see and find of possibility for all of us with this technology. I’m not sure for how long we have for relatively free reign and movement within this platform as capitalist greed is shady and always at work. We can sometimes hop on it, climb inside it’s grimey belly and Trojan Horse ourselves a little bit only until we are found. Hopefully our shape shifting abilities as digital ( and physical ) aevtars can keep us fruitful. All my love to all creators who are with each other in coding against bias for a more empathic NOW and future. Warmest wishes everyone ❤️ We’ve always been avatars. A part of each other and a part of the whole ❤️ CHANGE THE RHYTHM : REDIRECT THE ALGORITHM Special thanks to everyone tagged (Apenas Pessoa ) /OutU !YouFeelMe?

London, United Kingdom

Got a PRIDE gift of two of our lil frens hanging out together 💞 Blue fren is the 3rd fren I’ve ever done, it’s nearly a year over healed, red orange and pink fren is from last month 🥰 I still have time to tattoo u a lil freehand fren ❤️ DM to book an @innerbotanicals sesh in London 🌱HAPPY PRIDE! . . . . . . . . . .

London, United Kingdom

HAPPY PRIDE! I I'm very happy to share EveryBodyValid filter in time for PRIDE, for the LBTQIA+ community, and everyone who feels too burdened by gender aesthetics, gender roles and pressures to be however. There are plenty of trans women struggling to pass as what this society has come to call a woman and suffer deathly amounts of violence. There are plenty of cis women, gay, bi/pan, or straight, that don't feel like they "pass" as a valid woman either because of this society decided a woman should be. Same goes for men, trans, intersex, cis, everybody under societal impositions and gatekeeping. It's hard to stand up and be considered accurate to “what should be” in this society, aesthetically or otherwise. To be a man's man, woman's woman, to be queer enough, to look non-binary enough, gender non-conforming and all. It's time we move past these pressures to uphold a "look" according to what we've been told our assigned gender or identified gender should look, be, feel like. In this filter you can raise your eyebrows and change the phrase the better suits you, as well as have no text over your head at all, and also tap on the screen to display your pronouns on your face as you do it. The combination of your body, your aesthetics + your pronoun with or without the phrases above your head, will deliver a map of visibility to the full spectrum of we all are and can be ❤️ Every Body is Valid If you follow me, you already have it, if not, give this account a follow and all@filters unlock HAPPY PRIDE! Thank you Spark AR Creators for bearing with me as I struggled with getting this filter and logo right. Being dyslexic doesn't help. Immense thanks to @alwayscodingsomething that helped me on the 3d side of things as well as a ton of emotional labour for the tech/dyslexic/queer panic. Thank you @marcwakefieldards for the option picker set up shared in the past which I could use to teach myself further for the other features here.

Explicando aqui um pouquinho sobre a ideia do em português Dia 28 de junho o site abre e ys artistes ficaram visíveis com suas páginas e links de crowdfunding e PayPal conectades ❤️

Brasileitransfund is a website where you can see brazilian LGBTQIA+ artist profiles who are working abroad with their art and support them directly regardless of their crowdfunding choice, be it a website or a cash app address. The website will be officially launched this Friday 28th of June in Berlin at Schwuz's party Plastic where Doing the Most floor will be hosted by PELVIC. To celebrate Stonewall's 50 anniversary, PELVIC will be holding a Soli at Schwuz with Venganza. The funds gathered at Schwuz will go to Casa Chama in São Paulo, Brazil. There will be QR codes at the party also directly linking you to Casa Chama’s cash app as well as to the artists featured in launches Friday 28th of June ❤️ SOLI FOR BRAZILIAN LGBTIQ* hosted by Pelvic & Venganza: For this PLASTIC edition, in light of the election of an outright LGBTIA+phobic, racist and authoritarian president in Brazil, we are focusing on keeping peripheric, non-binary, trans and queer brazilian folk, artists afloat out of Brazil and supporting the ones assisted by Casa Chama in São Paulo. To celebrate Stonewall's 50 anniversary, PELVIC will also be launching, a website where you can see brazilian LGBTQIA+ artist profiles who are travelling abroad with their art and support them directly regardless of their crowdfunding choice, be it a website or a cash app address. The funds gathered at Schwuz will go to Casa Chama, as well as there will be QR codes at the party also directly linking you to Casa Chama’s PayPal, as well as directly to the artists featured in These artists and thinkers are either currently holding crowdfunding online to leave, have recently left, are doing their best to work internationall. Your donation in community support is vital, so we thank you ahead, COME PARTY FOR RESISTANCE! More infos coming very soon... NerdPop: Lego Olympia Bukkakis Berlin Disaster House hosted by Venganza: Antonio Onio Ghettoven DJ Lynce Doing The Most hosted by Pelvic. [{"XANA"(}] Ch3rnobyl (Lolla, Eric & Slim) Gieza Poke's Rubber Dolls show hosted by Lola Rose: Sofia Turnter The Darvish Agnes Mitchell Travestieshow Performance: Collapsellas Singalong Toilet Free Shots: Cupcake Eintritt: 8 Euro vor Mitternacht / 11 Euro nach Mitternacht

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