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Adam Moran

Photographer/Mabel’s dad. LA based. @takeagency

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Cardrona, New Zealand

Holy shit, how was this 10 years ago. I was tagged in a photo from NZ and it brought back some awesome memories. Like this morning here, where we had been the first people to ask Cardrona to shoot at sunrise to get the best light. I’m sure the staff hated us that morning since we all had to get up at 4 but we ended up with some magic that morning and were back in Wanaka back in bed by 11. A few weeks later Transworld already had this shot mocked up for the next cover. Sarah recently asked me what I miss most about shooting snowboarding, it’s this, when all the moments that are seemingly out of your control, come together for a few seconds of magic.

Los Angeles, California

Colors 1. Years ago I used to shoot with brighter colors, gels, etc. It made things less all white when shooting so much snowboarding. Then after a few big features with a lot of gels (Kevin Pearce and Shaun White pipe section in MDP). I put them away and never really shot like that again. This was a test, I needed to mess around again with color. No direction, no plans, no assistants, just a few strobes, some gels, and a very patient model (@emilygracegatti )while I messed around with no idea what the outcome would be.

Cape Cod

One mans trash..


As CA starts to brown out, this is when I start to miss those East Coast greens. Not the humidity, or allergies, or mosquitos. But the green. And rivers and lakes.

Los Angeles, California

Lines, laughs, forehands, and friends. @darntoughvermont @w0rble

Los Angeles, California

Some days are just that fun. Highland Park mixed doubles with @brianaking @w0rble and @darntoughvermont. Always such a pleasure to laugh your ass off while working.

Malibu, California

Wheels and shadows.

Getty Museum

Light and lines at the Getty.

Mount Baldy, California

When the sunseeker app is correct down to the minute. @kirstygodso in Angeles Crest.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Fast car, slow shutter, and a super tilted lens. @jimmiejohnson in Las Vegas.

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