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Independent Photojournalist. Contributor to The New York Times & National Geographic Magazine. All pics (c) Adam Dean 2019. Twitter = @adamjdean

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Out takes from a recent story I wrote and photographed about child jockeys on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. Read about it @nytimes Link in bio...

I wrote & photographed a story on the use of professional child jockeys on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. Have a read in today’s @nytimes. Link in bio...

A Rohingya refugee walks through Kutapalong Refugee camp in Bangladesh. Since more than 730,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar for Bangladesh in 2017 both countries have vowed that their return to Myanmar was imminent. So far hardly any have done so. Read more on the front of today’s @nytimes and online.

In 2015 Thailand had the second highest rate of road deaths per capita in the world and promised to half it by 2020. With only one year to go it is a long way from fulfilling that promise, its roads still ranks amongst the world’s 10 most dangerous, with more than 20,000 preventable fatalities a year. I spent some time with volunteer ambulance drivers attending to those injured in road accidents. Read more in Hannah Beech’s story in today’s @nytimes and online.

An overview of Kutapalong Rohingya Refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh - the largest refugee camp in the world - housing Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar including the schoolteacher featured in this weekend’s @nytmag cover story that I photographed recently.

Take a moment to read @sarahtopol’s incredible story on the Rohingya crisis told through the voice of a schoolteacher. I photographed him and the camps for this week’s cover story @nytmag @nytimes

Randi, 7, is consoled by his father in a field hospital after having his left hand and right middle finger amputated. He was injured when the mosque he was praying in collapsed during an earthquake in Palu, Indonesia. @nytimes

Drone footage from the Earthquake damaged Belaroa neighbourhood of , Indonesia. Pics and story by @hkbeech online at @nytimes

I mosque damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in , Indonesia. More @nytimes

A US Navy reconnaissance aircraft flies over contested islands in the South China Sea to observe Chinese developments on them. (1) US Navy pilots in the cockpit of their aircraft flying over contested islands (2) Buildings, a runway and vessels can be seen anchored next to Subi Reef which is controlled by China (3) US Navy observers monitor screens with live feeds from high powered surveillance cameras of Chinese construction on contested reefs. More @nytimes

A rare look in Northern Rakhine State in Myanmar where the worse of the atrocities took place last year that caused the Rohingya’s exodus to Bangladesh. These were taken on a tightly controlled government trip with armed police escorts supervising us. Read @hkbeech’s Dispatch on @nytimes website.

New Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed (1) at a televised Eid prayer recording, (2) meeting with his chief of staff and rural affairs minister and (3) meeting with the Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia.

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