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I like to breath, eat, and make art. Mostly make art. ∆Commissions are open∆

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Jumping on the meme because I can. It was honestly difficult to decide what styles to showcase here, because I have way more than 4 styles. :/ cant we do a 6styles meme? Or 8??? Help, I'm drowning in styles .. . . . . . .

Another convention commission for @indiikaa :) I loved working on this ... the hair was so fun - for people that dont know, I usually hate drawing hair, its physically painful for me lol . So this was a really pleasant surprise!

It was a warm summer's day as we strolled through the woods of feudal Japan. His silver hair caught a breeze of wind, allowing me a glimpse of his face as he walked ahead. He seemed lost in thought, and though he would never say it, I knew it was she that he was thinking of. . . . . Yay I drew some fanart for the first time in five million years! Guess who I drew. GUESS. :D . . . . .

Vancouver, British Columbia

Went to a Lego popup bar in Vancouver the other day with my coworkers! I work on Ninjago so this was pretty exciting. There was a ball pit! 8) I made bill cipher, for his chaotic mark must be placed everywhere! EVERYWHERE! . . . . . ancouver

Cherry Pop~~ This is the final image of the art giveaway I held a few months back! Every time I tried to upload it, Instagram spat it back in my face! :D heres to hoping this finally posts! Whoooo! Character belongs to the lovely @mary.maggot.face Thank you for participating!

I had a dream... to go to Japan and buy a mouth bag by @malicious.x ... I fulfilled that dream!! Yay! The horns are also made by malicious.x I am so glad I found some merch in harajuku (from @noble_noire ) which I kept coming back to in harajuku to froth over the malicious.x stuff in their store for about 2 weeks before I needed to go home! I bought them on the last day of my trip and I'm so happy! Also the clothing I'm wearing is also from harajuku, my favourite store to buy clothes from - @listenflavor_official Funny story. I bought this outfit and wore it out of the store and 2 minutes later, my friend ( @ehiriu ) and I were interviewed by @ntvzip for TV, I believe! So that was super exciting as well! It was an awesome trip and I cant wait to go back to Japan! I love it there... Till next time! . . . . . . . . .x

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